After all the Damage the Storms have cost in money,jobs and homes what are the Jobs that Americans won't do.
2006-04-02 00:02:32 UTC
So with that said Why do we need one illegal immigrant from any Country.
There is not one reason good enough tobreak our law's they might sound nice and would be if there were just as they say hard working mexican but there is not there are drugs comming through and we don't know whom else there has been bounty's taken out on border agents. We need the Walls yes or alot more border patrol agents and more Minute Men More American's Getting together to help Protect this Country from the invation
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2006-04-02 00:04:14 UTC
You're talking about "southerners" and quite frankly they are the laziest lot of people alive. They don't want to work period. They won't cook, clean, do paper work, restaurant work, office work, etc. They don't do anything. Ever. I lived in the south. I have NO sympathy for them.
2006-04-02 06:11:44 UTC
Uh, well, it would be easier to answer this question if you wrote in complete sentences.

First, if Americans wanted to work in the Gulf Coast rebuilding, they would be there. There would be no jobs for illegal immigrants. Now: would you want to work 10 hours a day only to sleep in a tent and not be sure about security (police, etc) or whether you could get to a hospital in time (transportation issues)? And would you do all this for $6-$10 an hour?

Try to find out what construction jobs there are paying vs. what rents are (if there even ARE places to rent). Find out where the people that do the work are living. Do they have to commute from neighboring towns? (What does gas cost again? And that's assuming you have a car.)
2006-04-02 00:20:44 UTC
the person who asked the question is an idiot as it cyanne or how ever she spells that crap she calls a name. southerners aren't lazy, they are the hardest working people they do menial labor for minimum wage. lol they don't cook or clean this "lady" is on one. best cooks come from the south.taking care of home is like one of the ten commandments in the south.
2006-04-02 00:10:47 UTC
You know I agree. These people are breaking the law by just being here. The taxpayers are just plain tired of it all.

And please it has nothing to do with racism. It's a national security issue and also a social issue.


Wish I didn't cook & clean lol!

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