should illegals go back to mexico?
2006-04-07 13:04:52 UTC
should illegals go back to mexico?
22 answers:
2006-04-07 13:46:35 UTC
Yes, we do not need any more poor, unskilled people here. They should go home... and as far as the jobs they do.... I'm sure that there's an unemployed American who would gladly take the job for a fair wage. All illegals are doing is making poor Americans poorer. This needs to stop. They have no respect for our laws... and don't say they do, because that's a load of crap..... they are here ILLEGALLY and are just fine with it... so fine, if fact, that they have the nerve to protest by marching around!!
2006-04-07 20:41:11 UTC
I think that if illegals are allowed to be illegal then I should be allowed to do illegal stuff with out repercussion as well. The whole reason they are here. Is upper middle and upper income class doesn't want to pay minimum wage for labor. I think all first generation immigrants naturalized or not should have to pay an additional stiff yearly tax. Say $1500 or $2000 per person (that's adults and kids). Second generation pays a flat tax also if they don't learn English. Should we ship them all back to Mexico? No, only the one that come from there. 750,000 came from there last month into Arizona. If it would have been anybody else. We would have called it an invasion and attacked them.
2006-04-07 20:13:19 UTC
Ya they should, I don't have a problem with immigrants or Mexicans. They are cool, but when you come over here illegally, its wrong b/c now they get benefits and all that us citizens deserve to get. I think if we start to fine or arrest theses companies hiring illegals, then that will definitely cut down on illegal traffic. Send them back and have them apply for a green card or visa.
2006-04-07 20:45:16 UTC
yes, they should or get legal and patrol the numbers they let in and punish companies that hire those who are here illegally they are destroying fields that i know Americans used to do but they do it so dirt cheap it make it impossible for Americans to do those jobs anymore well some might say then Americans are spoiled and shouldn't expect that much pay well take this for thought most of them don't have car insurance ,house insurance,health insurance,they share living sometimes up to 10 to house or apt,not all but most and where i am from there are Lil Mexican run business's for insurance popping up and car dealers but still its illegal and do these business have to hold up to our laws after all they are here illegally whats wrong with us wanting to make what the job is worth and our laws to be enforced
2006-04-07 20:38:07 UTC
illegals should go back to what ever country they are from. If that is Mexico then thats where they should go back to.
Annoying American
2006-04-07 20:09:33 UTC
...only the illegals who are from Mexico...the other illegals should go back to the countries they came from...
2006-04-07 20:43:56 UTC
Of course they should RIGHT AFTER YOU pick your next 20 bushels of tomatoes and 500 heads of lettuce and harvest 99 bushels of grapes that ou so love to eat. Also they can go back RIGHT AFTER YOU MOW YOUR NEXT 1,000 LAWNS AND PLANT 40 ACRES OF FLOWERS that you think are so lovely -- Get a Life !!!
2006-04-07 20:08:53 UTC
i think the whole world population should go live in mexico
2006-04-07 20:11:18 UTC
I think they should, they're ruining our economy and making us pay for it in taxes.

I mean yeah it sucks that they had a crappy life in their homeland but come on, why come to American and make OUR lives crappier just so THEY can get a better life? We worked hard for our money, we shouldn't let their sob stories force us to pay for their taxes.
2006-04-07 20:10:30 UTC
Well i disagree with Hot_stuf up there...cuz we dont WANT to do all the dirty work as she puts it but i do agree with another person that says that we are just looking for a better future :)
a real American
2006-04-07 20:09:20 UTC
Yes they should. I don't see why we should have to put up with them running around our country, not speaking our language, taking our jobs, using our welfare system because they can't understand birth control, and just generally being annoying!
2006-04-07 20:08:58 UTC
Yes, I think they should. If they want to be here, they need to become law abiding citizens like everyone else.
2006-04-07 20:10:39 UTC
Yes. there is not enoughf jobs for the people who are legal.
2006-04-07 22:48:07 UTC
Please be careful , when you use the words 'Illegals' and 'Americans' at the same time.

Look up any history book, and you will know what i am talking about.
2006-04-07 20:07:12 UTC
i dont have a prollem with them. they're only really looking for a better life like everyone else.
2006-04-07 20:10:00 UTC
No! Not all of'em come from them. They come from many countries.
hot stuf
2006-04-07 20:05:47 UTC
no because most of america needs them they do most of the dirty jobs
2006-04-08 01:27:21 UTC
Nope all of them should
2006-04-07 20:23:31 UTC
Only if you promise to pick all our fruit.
2006-04-07 20:10:10 UTC
David V
2006-04-07 20:12:34 UTC
2006-04-07 20:08:45 UTC

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