Migrate to Australia?
2006-02-25 16:49:28 UTC
I'm a German student, currently living in the US and working on my Hotel Management degree. How would my chances be if I wanted to move to Australia for good? Can I just apply with my degree?
Four answers:
2006-02-25 16:55:19 UTC
go to their website on immigration. I think their rules are quite strict.
2006-02-26 00:55:07 UTC
Guten Tag

You should apply to be a permanent resident first. Do this on the basis of study. I'm fairly sure ACU Melbourne offers this degree, but check here:

Then you will have a better chance.
2006-02-26 00:50:48 UTC
Seems reasonable to me
2006-02-26 00:51:40 UTC
yeah you can. you can also take me with you lol. good luck

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