Do you think kids born to illegal immigrants in the US should become automatic U.S. citizens?
2006-04-08 07:53:05 UTC
Do you think kids born to illegal immigrants in the US should become automatic U.S. citizens?
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2006-04-08 07:56:00 UTC
Yes because it wasn't their choice to come here and they aren't the ones who did something illegal.

Also, a citizen is a person who is born in this country, therefore there parent's backgrounds have nothing to do with their citizenship.
2006-04-08 08:03:46 UTC
Children Born In The US ARE CITIZENS By Birth, There Will Be NO Denying That FACT

Congress should remove the “Anchor Baby” loophole in our laws and Those caught illegally entering the United States Should be automatically returned to their home country. This is simply common sense.

**The Point Made By ALIEN LUVA(Below) About DUAL CITIZENSHIP Is Valid, And SHOULD Be In Effect,And I Have NO Arguement With It, BUT To Allow Illegals To REMAIN In Our Country Because Their Child Is A Citizen(ANCHOR BABY) Is NOT An Option**
2006-04-08 08:00:17 UTC
Yes, a person born in the United States should become a citizen. In fact in order to become President you must be born in the United States.
2006-04-15 06:36:45 UTC
No. I feel that children born here by parents who have illegally entered the U.S. should be considered citizens of the country where there parents came from.
2006-04-08 08:41:56 UTC
I somewhat agree with galiforce_wind, singout6988, catkinso3201 and thebeautifulostrich. And while it's unfortunate that SmartAlec thinks fruit can give birth... I got his point. It gets complicated when the family has to get the boot for sneaking in, but would you expect them to leave their baby behind? That's kinda dumb, so yeah, the whole family should go, but the baby should have dual citizenship and be free to return when they are of age. It's not their fault their parents are illegal. Or their parents, like SmartAlec also said, should make the effort to be legal and not be selfish and complicate things for their baby.
2006-04-08 07:59:32 UTC
No, of course not. Apples cannot birth bananas and carrots cannot birth grapes, so how can illegality birth legality? If found, the due process should be applied. Either the parents are first legalised which legalises the children, or we deport the whole family. Whichever way, we must not ignore the family lineage.
2006-04-08 10:09:01 UTC
I would come in from a different angle. If one is born in a country they are automatically said to be from where...... but their ethnical background is wht....????

In a perfect world where things are how they should be the government and people in the USA should have found it within themselves to help Mexicans make a better life in their own homes, (preaching free markets on one hand and stabbing then with economic sancations, trade barriers etc) on the other hand there would not be an issue of legal or illegal immigrants."Do unto other as you wish unto yourself".

For everybody present in this fora, for your information people even within deprived countries migrate from the deprived areas to the cities to make a 'so called' better life in the capital and those in the capital both the educated and unskilled tend to find their ways out to other developed countries, where they belief life would be better for them and their families and who is to blame for this mentality that exists in this world today " wealthy nations for the way tney tend to cheat less wealthier nations out of their resource be it 'capital' and 'human' resource.

People have been made to belief that they are so inferior that living in their countries would never get better so they have to seek solace in the Caucasians who make them feel they would be wanted and accepted as equals only to turn up and realised that you have arrived in a worstof position than before and you are the most detested creature in life!!!!

I might sound bitter but then its all because of what so called 'democracies' do to the other people who put their trust in them only to be cheated out of what they rightfully own and should get value for. That is what has brought the world to what it is today!!! bombing here(freedom of expression yeah) and there, people been killed for what?? minerals used in making mobile phone batteries, diamonds... precious metals and a whole host of them. I could cite so many instances which might end up making one look like a hater but then, One should bear in mind that there is a proverb in the english language put this way 'What you sow you Reap' or Force Begets more Force'or 'Where persuation fails force is Applied' or When you sow carrots as one said do you reap grapes/ cabbages ???
2006-04-08 09:16:47 UTC
No! women from Mexico are making a run to the border just before giving birth. This is no more than an incentive for them.This should be changed these woman are taking a chance with a unborn child, it is unsafe and stupid on their part and we encourage it by this law.
2006-04-08 08:24:28 UTC
Yes, a child born on U.S. soil is an American citizen by birth.
2006-04-08 07:59:51 UTC
No, they shouldn't.. Their parents are illegal, they should be considered illegal.. If the government took care of the prob. in the first place, they would have given birth in Mexico, NOT America...
2006-04-08 09:27:20 UTC
no i believe that usa should do what some other countries have done. which is to make a law stating that at least one parent has to be a legal citizen.
2006-04-08 07:54:59 UTC
Yes---thank God that they do. It helps increase the number of legal immigrants we have and makes our country a more diverse, interesting place to live.
2006-04-08 08:07:48 UTC
Yes, they should. And by law, they do. Kudos to those born in America.
2006-04-08 10:54:09 UTC
no because their parents are here illigally and the fact that majorty come here illigally just to have kids and make sure that they are US citizenship. I think that it is wrong
2006-04-08 07:53:51 UTC
2006-04-08 11:18:59 UTC
Yes i do
2006-04-08 09:41:36 UTC
No. There should be some legislation to stop it.
2006-04-08 08:21:34 UTC
You bet I do!
2006-04-08 07:56:02 UTC
2006-04-08 08:10:08 UTC

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