Without Hispanics, this country wouldn't be anything?
2006-03-25 15:49:34 UTC
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2006-03-25 17:03:56 UTC
2006-03-26 01:26:55 UTC
Don't fool yourself - no one ethinic population is responsible for the prominence of the US in the world. Except perhaps the British since many of our institutions are borrowed from them.

Also, if hispanics are so great...why can't they get their countries off the ground and into the modern day. The water in Mexico is still toxic.

Yeah, cuz no one ever mowed a lawn or washed dishes before illegals came here. Gimme a break. Just wait untill the Chinese start emmigrating here in droves...then the Mexs all all be complaining about illegals.

Also, we could use a little less of this:
2006-03-26 01:53:44 UTC
It would be something. The way it stands now I wouldnt suggest anything close to kicking out anyone from the US, but to say that all the other races in the US could not handle daily life without Hispanics is unreasonable. Hispanic people give alot to our country and we love them for it. Lets just keep everyone in our melting pot! (vote "no" to making being an illegal immigrant a felony!)
2006-03-26 02:12:11 UTC
wrong. without Hispanics this country would not have to worry about all the money that is wasted taking care of illegals that get hurt or have babies in this country illegally. we should put up a wall 20 feet high and ten feet deep to keep out illegals. the crime in this country would go down as well as medical and car insurance. there is no need to come into this country if you do not do it the right way
2006-03-26 00:09:30 UTC

I have lived in new york for a year and have always thought hipanic people are so valuable here,but just as it goes with the "great job" you may do at your workplace,dont think that your irreplacable,there is always someone out there that can replace you.

By the way I think your question is a little shallow and not reflective of hispanic people I have met and know!
2006-03-27 22:42:09 UTC
I want Hispanics here, but legal. We can't track terrorism sneaking in if we don't get control of the borders. Hispanics are taking it too personal. By the way during the peaceful Marches going on for 3 days now in America, why are they carrying the Mexican flag? If they want to live here why not carry our flag?
2006-03-26 04:20:26 UTC
Not true.

Hispanics make a huge contribution, but are not necessary, anymore than whites or blacks.

If there were never any Hispanics, the country would have evolved in another manner.
Its not me Its u
2006-03-26 03:51:21 UTC
If it wasn't for Blacks in Football, basketball, or baseball, these major leagues wouldn't be anything..? Hey wait a minute, what am i saying, we need you Hispanic dudes (and duddettes) to do all the dirty work us regular Americans can't handle. hey, what a minute, i'm a Native american, so what does that say about me, rats, now i'm all confused.
2006-03-26 00:00:49 UTC
tonz of people have immigrated LEGAL LEGAL LEGAL let that sink in that word should mean something if you want to come here and make a better life for yourself great do it legal. what is the problem here why can't you apply to be a U.S citizen like everyone else why do you have to run over the boarder and then point the finger at people that came here legally as bigots for saying your a criminal.
2006-03-25 23:51:32 UTC
no it would be pretty much the same...its not the race of the people living here that makes it better worse it is the individuals. How would you feel if a white guy said that? it would then be racist, right?
2006-03-25 23:57:40 UTC
100% True if talking about the US. Without immigrants this country would be ****, yeapis...!!
2006-03-26 16:21:22 UTC
We have made it for all these years without them being here without any problems.Why do we need them now?
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2006-03-25 23:51:43 UTC
which country? lol maybe!
2006-03-25 23:51:18 UTC
not really

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