How long does it take to become an US citizen?
2006-02-23 19:18:16 UTC
How long does it take to become an US citizen?
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2006-02-23 19:22:57 UTC
1st of all you have to be a Legal alien and you have to have legally been a permanent resident for 5 years or married to a citizen for 3 years.

You also have to take a citizenship test and pass it as well.

You can get citizenship quicker if you join the Military or Congress passes a bill granting you U.S. citizenship and the President signs the bill into Law.
2014-05-05 22:19:12 UTC
The best answers you can get are from your consulate and immigration. If you want the right answer you would need to inform us with lots of personal information. There are several levels and requirements to put into consideration. Example; in my case it took less then one month without my request. I was living in New Jersey for 2 years, on my 17th birthday I volunteered to the armed forces as at the time there was a draft for American citizens. Being that most were avoiding the draft and I was trying to join, I was called to become a citizen. As they were proud of having me listing, I was proud to accept. I took an oath to never use force against our government, and an oath to protect our nation. From what I have heard, my story is unique. Either way there's a background check, the age you moved here, how often you fly out of USA, all of those issues will slow the process. Good luck.
2015-08-19 05:29:07 UTC
This Site Might Help You.


How long does it take to become an US citizen?
2006-02-23 20:41:27 UTC
It took me 6 months to become a resident. After 3 years, I was eligible to apply for citizenship. That process took about another 13 months. Depending on your condition you may have to wait 5 years or more after you become a legal alien before you can apply for citizenship.
2014-11-20 07:42:37 UTC
Helloooooo antonio! Im 15 and want to go to the USAF but I need a citizenship to enlist and im in south africa so after achieving my high school diploma im planning to fly over but I thought I couldnt enlist then as I havnt got a citizenship, does this mean I can?!
neda nabi-Zadeh
2015-05-12 21:33:05 UTC
2006-02-23 19:25:00 UTC
7 years. It's different if one of your parents was once a citizen. There's another way too. I think its something to do with family. My history teacher told us today, but i just cant remember.
2006-02-23 20:06:46 UTC
it depends on your case. I'm still waiting for mine and i have been living here for 14 years. I just recently recieved my green card and now i am waiting for the interview to get my citizenship.
2006-02-24 05:51:54 UTC
Mr Cool is right
2006-02-23 19:20:56 UTC
It varies. Sometimes it can take as little as six to nine months.

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