Are you convinced by SM Goh's speech "New immigrants help sustain and enrich Singaporean way of life" and why?
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Are you convinced by SM Goh's speech "New immigrants help sustain and enrich Singaporean way of life" and why?
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2009-11-09 01:05:44 UTC


Singapore will not be extint....but Singaporean will
2009-11-09 00:51:48 UTC
I only agree that it is a very emotive matter and the Government has not done enough to address Singaporeans' concerns. A decade or 2 ago I would gladly do my part to sacrifice myself in the defence of my country. But today, I would encourage my kids to settle down overseas where there are more opportunities open to them. I will not vigourously defend my country anymore as there is nothing left to defend. What I used to call home has now become a hostel or a corporation where there is no loyalty either way between employees (the citizens) and the employer (the Government).
singaporean son
2009-11-09 05:50:19 UTC
No! totally disagree.... i think i read enough. My action is for the next election, say no to PAP. Hmmpfffff!!!!!!
Ala M
2009-11-09 01:46:27 UTC
The upper class citizens throw all sorts of theories and satistics at the general population. If the middle and lower class citizens buy into their explanations without opening their eyes big enough, Spore will become a bigger dinosaur even faster!

We have a population problem no doubt. So open the doors wide open and let them all flood in? Is this what the million dollar ministers can come up with?

Japan's immigration is one of the toughest in the world! Do they have population problem? Yes for years! Have they opened up? Nope. Have they become dinosaur? NOPE! They are still one of the BEST!

These upper class ... if they truely understand what the general population feels, have they ever taken a public bus before? Have they taken MRT by themselves before? Have they ever need to Q up for public services like us before; w/o need for SPECIAL EXPRESS service? Have they need to squeeze with the larger population? Have they ever come across people whom we have been annoyed by?

Simple ...

Lets be more tolerent ...

Lets be more accepting ...

Lets think of the bigger picture ...


With a whiff pen and scholars, these upper class sits comfortably in their cosy private cars and large houses assuring the silly masses.

What a chess play !
2009-11-09 00:50:54 UTC
I don'tt agree at all. Bringing in too many immigrants had robbed our older staff if their jobs since company likes to employ younger and foreign workers since they dont have to pay them higher salary. And also they are so willing to work late. But locals have a family to go back to spend time with. How to compare with them.... Poor older locals have to work as cleaners in the foodcourt or hawker centre. And these older locals have been working as admin/accounts staff but was replaced by foreigners from China/Malaysia.
2009-11-09 10:44:00 UTC
I read this forum and notice that there are so many foreigners saying that Singapore will be nothing without them... When SM says that they are necessary, what can lay people like us comment any further... I want to say one thing and this is purely my view and opinion... Most foreigners come here cos they got a better deal, lets take the indian, PRC and Filipinos, i have worked with them and i can tell you for sure that they're here either as a stepping stone to Australia, US, Britain or because the country they come from is in such turmoil or poor shape that Singapore is a very very good deal for them... You think they care anything about Singapore, i doubt? Likewise, its because of such allowance and behaviour of our government to give them PR so easily, many of our locals move abroad where they feel better and appreciated even if they're being treated as a second class citizen... I've got nothing against foreigners but i just want to comment this, when Singapore is in a real crisis, i think only locals have the loyalty to stand up and fight for our nation( i hope people understand the phrase 'born and bred here')... Learn to appreciate your own kind, then we can help others... its agonising for me to see the kind of luxury and privileges given to these 'foreigners'... i will not and cannot accept them cos i've seen and worked with them and i know their ultimate intentions... just my view and i know it means nothing cos when the government decides on such matters, nobody can say anything more... All the best to Singapore and its future generation...
2009-11-09 08:47:45 UTC
Please try squeezing in the public transport, I dare you to do it alone on Sunday at lil india station, try using the public toilets, try ordering your food at the food court or fast food joints from foreign workers who can hardly understand English.

There might be a certain level of need to hire foreign workers but please, be selective and with limitations! Why are jobs such as IT engineers, finance managers, hotel managers etc being taken up by these foreigners? Did our local uni stop giving degrees in these fields? What about fast food joint crews, retail sales etc are our youths too rich to work as part-timers already and what happened to the mcd uncle and aunties?
2009-11-09 08:45:49 UTC
I totally disagree with Mr Goh, because if you go to shops or anywhere else there are only china workers then where would the indian and malay workers go??

if there are tooo many foreigners in singapore then where would singaporean go for jobs..?

Singapore should find out why the population is shrinking instead of employing foreigners.

whenever any indians or malays want to find a job, the first thing they will ask is whether we can speak chinese?? why don't they ask chinese workers wheather they can speak malay or tamil? why is it that we(Indian and malay) have to learn chinese?

Just today it self i went to a bakery shop, there were all china citizens working there, i had a hard time communicating with them! Instead of employing them, these shops can employ students on Vacations or Singaporeans..

So i believe Foreign asset may be good but too many would be causing harm!

Maybe singapore govt. should do this 70% of workers should be singaporeans, 10% malaysians and the remaining 20% Foreigners!
2009-11-09 02:12:57 UTC
Don't you hate it when someone says "I know how you feel"...

FIRSTLY, Why are Singaporeans leaving this country? Could it be that it's because singapore is ranked number 7 in the world for policies and practices that makes a POLICE STATE. The government refuses to listen to its people could be the other reason...Our newspapers print one sided B.S.... our media shows propaganda.

SECONDLY, Birthrate is low right???... so... focus your efforts on stepping up efforts to increase the birth rates instead of opening the doors to foreigners... getting them to come here...encouraging them to live here and....telling them to make babies. (the government has gone mad!)

THIRDLY, Look at the answers in this post... Singaporeans like myself are pissed the f*** off. We want our country back.

[SIDENOTE: SM Goh has just lost a whole lot of points in my book.]

FOURTHLY, I believe this is all in efforts to create an Asian Union. I heard on News 5 Tonight that the Asian leaders are pushing for a borderless Asia... which means more of the same.

These filipnos, indians and chinese are going to flood every shore of Asia, take the jobs and erase the middle class... with the help of insane government who already have their places(ticket) safe.

FIFTHLY, I'm just about ready to get the hell out of this country if something doesn't change... And I suggest you do the same too.
2009-11-09 00:51:32 UTC
Im feeling like a foreigner staying in my own country. Everywhere I go there will be foreigners, everywhere I turn, there will be foreigners. Even on the frontline, there will be foreigner serving us BUT they are not able to communicate in ENGLISH. It is so frustrating as I can't get the message across to the salesperson and end up getting embarrased as people will start staring. If they want to put the foreigners on the frontline, at least make sure they are able to communicate in ENGLISH.
2009-11-09 00:19:47 UTC
Sorry to say this, I am Indian and I have heard most of local Indians around me talking how this immigrants have robed of their rice bowl~!

I will not agree with SM Goh -

1) Because of these immigrants - citizen being left out in getting a good job not to mentioned good pay and so on

2) those immigrants (not only Indians) enjoying life with huge pay out and almost every wk-end we have seen and heard these people enjoying time in Sentosa., Zoo., all kind of amusement park., throw expensive parties for friends and traveling and can afford to buy big houses and cars as well.

3) Because of them our living standard has gone up

4) PR's still enjoying part of Subsidized rate at hospitals and housing

and Educational system.

Of these Immigrants we wonder who the Government is trying to help.

Do you know how many of my Indian relatives and friends are without job for years?

They family as living with help of CDC., Comcare and so on to pay bills? And these are Singaporean and yet living like a 3rd party in own country!

Please don’t say we didn’t try our best to proved but the local companies have change of mindset that foreigners are better off from the locals.

Now if the locals are not given a chance to prove, how is these people to survive in their own country?

What we are seeing now is a Country full with Immigrants from India, China, and Filippines. Wherever we go, we no longer seeing Singaporean, all we can see is this huge group of Immigrants

And should we thank them for producing babies for Singapore. Never.

Because they can simply afford to have children (not to mention in Private Hospitals) and easily pay for the bills and on top of that these people are already pocketing so much money so do you think they have worries. Even they do., they can simply pack and go back to their own soil! Just imagine how much money they can bring back from employment and with selling of their flat!!

Where else we have to think twice if the future is going to be hard on our children since we are already in difficulties.

What make you think these people will not leave Singapore? If they can leave their own country to come here to make big bucks, probably one day they will do the same when they found a better opportunity.

We are born in Singapore- our Parents too. No matter how bad the situation our live still goes on and we have been thru thick and thin with our fellow Singaporean.

Do you think an Immigrant can understand the predicament of a local Singaporean…

Try talking to them – all they see is money. They keep to their own groups and look down on us - you know why because OUR GOVERNMENT DEPENDS SO MUCH ON THEM TO RUN THIS COUNTRY - TO THEM WE ARE JUST 3RD GRADE PEOPLE.

Lastly don’t blame us for saying this – as this are the fact.
2009-11-12 07:35:27 UTC
Absolutely full of nonsense. I thought in the last election they said they are trying to provide a better standard of living for us and our children. (the Swiss standard or something). In fact, that has always been a promise by the gov't until the end of 90s. And I must say the gov't has done a reasonably good job for transforming the country from the 60s to 90s.

However, entering into the 21st century, the whole thing seems to be collapsing. By bringing in more new immigrants do not at all sustain and enrich the low/middle class citizen (which are the majority). Unless when you classified "SINGAPOREAN" as those rich and wealthy businessmen. By hiring the cheaper labour from overseas will reduce their production cost or overheads and in terms making more profit. As for the government, by attracting more foreign investment and hiring more foreigners will generate more TAX. Well, good for them, but not the average Singaporean.

If we don't have talents in Singapore for some niche industries, I can understand why some companies need to hire this scarce foreign talent. But what is happening today, they are hiring foreigner for all sectors across IT/Finance/Manufacturing/Marine/Oil&Gas etc. From CEO, VPs, to security guard at the gantry...all foreigner. Don't you think that is too much. I remember reading somewhere, the only organisation that haven't hire a foreigner is the SAF. Plus, the whole education system is designed by our gov't, and now they are saying we don't have talents....haha...funny!

Look at the IR, they are talking about creating jobs..They mentioned like 20000 new jobs or something like that. How many position goes to Singaporean? I remember the gov't was saying that they are attracting foreign investors into Singapore, so that they can create more jobs for us. But look at what happen now. There are so many Singaporeans unemployed. Or ended up becoming Taxi drivers, property agents...etc. These people have followed the Singapore education systems...does that mean they are not talent?

Shrinking population has never been a problem for any countries. Problems only come when the country is over-populated. On the other hand, wealth distribution, resource distribution, and greed are the problems. I don't care if the country is the richest in the world, coz' as long as the people are poor and not been looked after well. The gov't is not doing a good job. On top of that, who in the first place told us that "2 is enough"...huh????

Nobody really knows why dinosaurs extinct. But all I know is we shouldn't be lead in the wrong direction...where more and more Singaporean are suffering for their "IDEAL POLICIES". And the worst of all...the old age citizen are the one who help built this nation. Look at them, they are selling tissue to make ends meet or cleaning up Food court after our foreign expat finish their food...VERY SAD!
2009-11-10 17:09:33 UTC
If new immigrants can help improve and enrich the life of Singaporean than SM Goh should call the leaders of China India and Indonesia and tell them to provide his country with 1 millions people each.

But how will this help Singapore? In fact this could backfire as it is happening now.

The government had not created enough extra jobs for the new immigrants and they are now competing with the Singaporean for the same bowl of rice. Eventually Singaporean would lose out because the new immigrant could do their work at lower cost as there was no need for any overheads.

The influx of new immigrant whether FW FT PR or new citizen would only help to destroy the Existing Singaporeans.
2009-11-12 21:43:07 UTC

The harsh reality is that most immigrants do choose to either stay (if they don't have other countries to go to and the country they left wasn't good enough for them) or they move on to a better one (be it the UK or the States) because Singapore is just a stepping stone for them.

Being a PR is ironically enough, not a permanent move for them at all. And even if they become citizens, that doesn't mean that they don't decide to move on to the next better thing if it comes along. Human are opportunistic by nature. That will never change. They may 'sustain' the Singaporean way of life but I doubt very much that they 'enrich' it. After all we're not all rich tai-tais or captains of enterprises or retiring scientists looking to Singapore as a great place to park their assets and be paid large amounts to act as PR for the developing industries.
2009-11-12 02:01:13 UTC
Singapore can never be like any other country. That is, with its own unique culture and people. It is impossible with what the government is aiming for in the future.

In the future, this land with just be a transit place for businesses and entertainment and there will be

only three type of people that takes up permanent residence here:

1. the super rich who love the life here.

2. the people that are needed to run the different "enterprises" and "operations" in this city to make it work.

3. Those who are too poor to go anyway else.

It is never about us Singaporeans. We'll just have to get over it.

So if you like it here, cool stay.

If not, then you better start finding somewhere to migrate to and integrate yourself into the place, culture and life. That way, at least you have somewhere you really can call home.
2009-11-12 06:41:02 UTC
No I will not agree and i would like remind what happen in 1971 when the British withdraw from Singapore our future was uncertain as we were separated from Malaysia. The first people who left Singapore was immigrants so call Permanent Residents and new citizens. They than strongly believe that's the end for Singapore and we Singaporean who stayed back, strongly stood by our Prime Minister Lee kuan Yew and we Singaporean build what today's Singapore is. Once bitten twice shy. We Singaporean struggled and they (PRs & new citizens) to enjoy the harvest.Not fair la.

Very sad see our children competing for jobs with them. I strongly believe our home grown talents will stay put here if it is a fair competition. I have always discouraged my children to migrate and now i beginning to regret my decision.

If trend continues Singaporeans will soon go the of the dinosaurs.
2009-11-12 06:08:32 UTC
Most people will not agree to his view. Our country is so small why we need to have so many immigrants. With such a space constraint government should only allow immigrants of highly qualified people that are able to contribute to our society. I notice there are so many PR here not really skillful and academic qualified. We should look for quality and not quantity. Singapore dont have natural resources and with limitation in space and other issues the increase of immigrants will produce a lot of social problem. We should look for more multinational companies to set up company here thus creating more jobs for the people rather than allowing more immigrants here and competiting jobs with our fellow citizen. Honestly Singaporean are more law abidding and obedient.We have no protest here and with more immigrants maybe in next 30 years protest may come an issue and it will be too late to regret likes the 2 child policy which has been implemented. I urge our government should seriously consider this issue. I believe we fellow citizen likes to have more children but circumstances forbid us to have more children.Standard of living is so high now, thing is very expensive and with increase immigrants it will further aggravates the problem in the long run. In the end I think most people will end up either single or maybe with one child only. I am confident our dear prime minister, Mr Lee Hsien Loong will handle this issues positively and truthfully. Let's be more positive and move on.
2009-11-11 23:22:39 UTC
No, I disagree. In fact, I personally find that quality of Singaporeans' life has drop drastically due to this, a far cry from the 'sustain and enrich'..

The fact is that so many young Singaporeans are in fact leaving the country for good (Come on, there's always someone around you who've migrated or thinking abt it in the future. If it already happens ard you, imagine the overall no. each yr) From one of Gopalan Nair's post: 'Not too long ago in a survey, 2 out of 3 young people said, if given a chance they would emigrate. Only 2 moths ago (Jul '09), Goh Chock Tong, teary eyed admitted that Singapore is losing it's talent at such a rate that 2 in 3 students who go abroad never return. And what is worse, the birth rate has shrunk to a level below replacement.' WHY IS THIS THE CASE?

The native citizens are unhappy with the government, and their quality of life, thus choose to turn to greener pastures when they can afford to. What can drives a person away from their once favourite hometown, leaving their love ones, friends and familiar surroundings behind? And I wouldn't say it's easy at all... Some might come back if there's change in political scene in the ctry...

Natives know what is really going on, they're still trying to fool the whole world with the nice untrue picture...

An interesting read by Gopalan Nair, some of his posts are interesting too, do read:

Additional Notes:

Hi curiousmode, I had been approached by a foreigner who dressed up as a monk too asking for donations (sounds like a China national), when I asked what organization he represents and approved license, he rudely turned away and went on to another native victim... I felt like calling police then but was in a hurry....

Some of us have encountered good immigrants and bad, but the bad experiences are always unforgetting... Have any fellow Singaporeans been laughed at by foreigners for queueing and other 'Singaporeans' ways of doing things'? It's so insulting and their rude giggles and remarks that 'it's stupid' is not helping either. In Japan, you will be stared upon if you do not clear up your own tray in a fast food joint; you will be reprimand by the locals if you do not classify different kind of YOUR OWN RUBBISH for recycling purposes. But this is apparently not the case in Singapore, the natives feel very disrespected and bullied, laughed upon and labelling us 'stupid' for our own culture and ways of doing things. WHY??? Please stand up for any unjust situation if it happens ard you... I just want to say ' When in Rome, do as Romans do', this is afterall, our country, our land.


Free speech in Singapore? Really? Don't believe entirely on what you see, hear, or read from the media, any media, it's a human world afterall.......
2009-11-09 16:29:12 UTC
It is unfortunate that SM Goh has said that. It is clearly a propaganda and will be an unpopular one amongst Singaporeans.

How many of the immigrants are able to recite our pledge and sing our anthem if asked to?

Sure, some of the immigrants with skills should be welcomed but I sincerely believe that there are many whom have little or no education that work in service sectors. The frustration is that they can't even speak proper english and have trouble understanding us. The command of language is paramount in providing a decent service!

Moreover, many of these lowly educated immigrants bring over undesired habits which does not enrich our way of life in any way. They often intrude into our personal space (EXTREMELY LOUD talking even though they are just beside each other) and disregard simple social etiquette.

If the government really must bring in immigrants, they should increase the standard of requirement and put them through stringent screening to make sure new immigrants or foreign talents tick all the correct boxes.

SM Goh's speech would not be easily accepted by our society today especially with all the dissent and discontentment amongst those born and bred in Singapore. If only some politician can come up with some better solution to our ailing population...
2009-11-12 21:19:14 UTC
Well, I am feeling there is an invasion in our country, more and more immigrants coming in to snatch away what our ancestors had built. They are not enriching Singaporean way of life, in fact they are destroying our way of life.

Look in the 90s, a bunch of Hongkies migrate to Singapore, causing the properties to increase. Soon after 1997 what happen? They sold their flat and return home or migrate to other countries.

Another situation, remembered once a group of immigrants came to Singapore and goes around all the public places to ask for donations etc. Which we Singaporean knows that it is illegal to ask for donations when we does not seek approval for the authority. I was approach by a woman dress up like a nun to donate money for building a temple in China. Anyway I had never seen them donating, eg students at the MRT seeking donation of certain funds.

Female immigrants tried to make quick money by cheating the older Singaporean's monies. Causing the CPF retirement monies to be extended. Which these Singaporeans was supposed to retire, end up working in coffee shop, selling tissue etc.

Immigrants workers working here don't spend, as their pay are low, how can they afford to spend much. Only a few numbers of expats willing to spend a bit more. So with these immigrants around, they do not reciprocate, one way traffic, how to improve economy?

Talking about culture, practice, or behaviour while I was waiting for a taxi, in a taxi stand. I saw a immigrant urges with the taxi driver, I walk over to check what's happening. These immigrant says that the taxi driver does not have a change of $50 which his fare is $4.10. According to the taxi driver, he had change a few $50 note earlier on, so he does have anymore smaller change. But this immigrant insisted the taxi driver, to go to the shop nearby to change for him. Which I see that it is not right to leave his taxi unattended in the taxi stand, which is infront of a busy mall. I mean if Singaporean will understand, and will to do a favour for the taxi uncle to get the $50 note changed. These immigrant is like bringing his practice, do not understand the traffic rules in Singapore. I think this is only creating more inconvenience.

Does anyone came across, your neighbours, apartment or house which was rented out as workers quarters, really the smell was totally unacceptable and sometimes they were wondering around the premises or void deck under a block talking loudly.

The only thing I can see, is allowing really top Ceo's but not those middle or lower positions, because they do not contribute to the economy.
2009-11-09 16:39:49 UTC
No I am not convinced. Accept new immigrants at what cost to the us, the citizens? Just look at the HDB property prices for instant, are they inflated by the locals or PR's? I rather have slow growth rather than inflation. Will our population really shrink by 2020, i don't think so, nature has a way of correcting itself, and when Malaysia said that Singapore will not survive in 1965 when we separated, did we not survived and prospered? Our relatives over in Malaysia are always so ever critical of us, i sometimes wonder why then do they wants to migrate over to Singapore? to buy HDB flats and speculate, then bring all the profits back to Malaysia?? That is what all PR's are doing, wonder when will the Government notice this trend, just look and observe. Maybe Goh Chok Tong should live in HDB flat to understand. I am 40years old and i can't even afford a 4 room flat, too many restrictions from HDB even to the locals, and we even need to compete with PR's.
2009-11-09 09:08:03 UTC
I felt that the "stop at two" policy was one of the factor contributing to the declining of Singapore's population today. Although new policy like "Baby Bonus at Four" was introduced by the Government, many Singaporean grew greater caution over the years on the cost of living,education and medical expenses and afraid that they will not be able to support a bigger family. Thus, I felt the new policy came a little too late for the benefit of many Singaporean today.

Having new immigrant to Singapore to fill up some "vacancies" will prove to be a prudent task and well benefited Singapore in many ways.

But hiring new immigrants to fill up the masses was indefinitely undermining the needs of many Singaporean here.

Is hiring a Singaporean more expensive? Are Singaporean not talented enough for the job?

For average Singaporean, what goes into the right pocket normally gets out of the left pocket. Everything needs to "pay" and "pay". Cost went "up" and "higher" but never gets "down" nor "smaller". Far even worst for those whose jobs are being "robbed" away. Can't imagine the "enrichment" that they have to bear along.

At the end of the day, figures is all that matters...
2009-11-12 05:13:36 UTC
I believe there are two distinct types of immigrants - foreign talents and foreign workers.

Foreign workers are simply foreigners coming in to work, they do not need talent. We do not need them as much as the talents.

Foreign talents are expats that come into Singapore and contribute to high value-added industries. Singapore needs these talents for we have a small working population. They indeed contribute to Singapore and 'enrich Singaporean way of life', keeping the Singapore economy highly competitive.

However I believe most Singaporeans will not deny foreign talents' contributions to Singapore, instead they are concerned about the quantity of such people coming into Singapore. Singaporeans are disturbed by the fact that there are floods of such foreign talents swarming into Singapore, many of which are taking away the jobs of local Singaporeans in this already small economy.

Perhaps Singapore should be even stringent on their policies when allowing one to immigrate into Singapore. If Singaporeans need to bid for a Certificate of Entitlement for their car, why not let foreigners bid for COEs to be a Singaporean? Give a limit to the number of people flooding in, we don't need THAT many people around.
2009-11-10 20:14:13 UTC
If you ask any of these foreigners, why did they come to Singapore, do you think their answer would be because they want to give birth and help the country increase their birth rate? HELL NO! The answer would be because there are jobs and they can make good money and send back home (did you hear that? HOME!) and buy lands and build bungalows etc. and save up so that they can go "bak" to their homeland one day and live like a king.

Where else the expats most of them are already married with children. They live like a king, their wife don't have to work but yet they have maid, their children go to private schools, they drive a nice car, live in a private housing and they can afford to go on vacation all the time and fly home every summer and Christmas. Some of the men ended up having affairs with the local girls. And the local girls ended up being s***s throwing themselves at these men. Where else the local men have to end up with the foreign women.

Lucky Plaza is turning into Little Manila, Geylang Serai is turning into Little Jakarta, Geylang itself is turning into Little China and Little India is turning into, well the name says it all. The whole island is turning into Alien Invasion. Where are the locals? Come out, come out, where ever you are! STAND UP SINGAPOREANS!

And ugly Singlish is becoming more and more predominant even among the little ones.


I have a friend whom is married to a China woman. She came here to work as a production operator. She love what Singapore has to offer her, a job, a nice HDB flat (better than the housing she had back home) etc. She was proud to say I am Singapolean (but can't even sing the National Anthern, don't even know the Motto) One fine day, her hubby had to go for job training in the US. As soon as she got there, her love for Singapore changed. She started saying all the bad stuff about Singapore and SIngaporean. She wanted to stay in the US and refused to leave! Ungrateful B***H!

Let all these politicians and their families have a feel of how the true Singaporean locals live. Then let's talk!
2015-09-18 04:52:05 UTC
Look at the IR, they are talking about creating jobs..They mentioned like 20000 new jobs or something like that. How many position goes to Singaporean? I remember the gov't was saying that they are attracting foreign investors into Singapore, so that they can create more jobs for us. But look at what happen now. There are so many Singaporeans unemployed. Or ended up becoming Taxi drivers, property agents...etc. These people have followed the Singapore education systems...does that mean they are not talent?
2009-11-09 17:04:06 UTC
I am not convinced by the above speech. Those foreigners come here because of Singapore's high exchange rates. They come here alone without their families. They could just spend thriftily on themselves only. They do not have any families to feed in Singapore. When they bring back the money to their families back home, the value rises to double, thrice or even ten times as much.

What about Singaporeans? We spend our whole life here, with our families. We have a whole string of responsibilities behind us. We need to feed ourselves, our children and even parents. How can we be compared to those foreigners?

We don't say about faraway countries. When a singapore dollar is exchanged into ringgit, for example, the value is more than double. To the Malaysians, it is more than enough for them to bring back home. They can have a better life over there. Moreover, their life is much more cheaper to sustain than Singapore.

Before Singapore becomes successful, the jobs were all done by our own people. Who says that Singaporeans do not want to do the jobs? As long as the pay is good, Singaporeans are willing to do.

Now the market value of jobs is being dragged down to such a level that Singaporeans find it hard to sustain. What they work for, is not worth the value.

Therefore, I do not agreed to the above speech.
2009-11-09 10:02:46 UTC
Are you kidding? We don't really need them to survive. Singapore wont collapse in 1 day without those immigrants even if they decided to left Singapore immed, We can survive. Believe me, they get all these goodness through our hardship and also through our fore fathers etc. Where were they earlier when Singapore were structuring and improving the way of living as you can see now? They were just stayed at their hometown or go to the West for jobs. Our policy maker or parliament should debate this matters and take Singaporeans views seriously and should not boost the populations to 6.5 million pops when they know that Singaporeans were not ready yet when It does really play a lot of parts as jobs, economics, studies, sports, communications, technologies, ethics and behaviors have sided to these immigrants wonderfully. Most Singaporeans out there are just waiting for the right time to leave their home place as they are feel that their country has degraded their own citizen..Sooner or later our Parliament as well, will be indeed filled with those kind of ppl and our own ppl will suffer..Probably one day we will hear something like 'these are the best talent/genius ppl (immigrant expats) we could find' while they are just bunch of greedy, unwise and stubborn ppl.

Think about it..
2009-11-12 22:22:53 UTC
What you reported is hearsay and is subjective. Singaporeans are a choosy lot I dare say because I am also a S'porean. Just flip the Classified Advertisements to quote me wrong. The ones that could not find employment are those that are not qualified for the job or with not much qualifications but want to opt for easy yet high paying salaries. Not only Singapore has this problems but the whole world. The Government is often heard to encourage S'poreans not to be choosy and since they don't listen.

You expect the govt. to resign themselves and offer their positions to those unemployed to convince yourselves that the Govt. is listening.....! Think logic,Man!
2014-10-29 16:08:17 UTC
I will not agree with SM Goh -

1) Because of these immigrants - citizen being left out in getting a good job not to mentioned good pay and so on

2) those immigrants (not only Indians) enjoying life with huge pay out and almost every wk-end we have seen and heard these people enjoying time in Sentosa., Zoo., all kind of amusement park., throw expensive parties for friends and traveling and can afford to buy big houses and cars as well.
Tan D
2009-11-09 18:44:12 UTC
I "try" to agree, but the fact is definitely not the case. I work with many foreigners, as I am from IT industry. Spoken to them, 10 of 7 don't want to stay in Singapore after they have earn enough. Singapore is just a platform to them, or probably a place to earn more Singapore dollars and return to their countries.

Another fact is 30 years ago, current MM Lee, previous PM had foresee a over population if the people in Singapore exceed 300,000. Thus there was a policy called "Two is Enough". Which meant which family only can have 2 children. Today, they are setting the population as 600,000! which is 2 times what MM Lee wanted previously.

Immigrants do somehow solve the problem of "aging-population" TEMPORARY, but what about in future if birth rate do not increase? And how they going to solve the problem of OVER-POPULATION" ???

In short, Singapore will not be a better place in future with so many immigrants coming here UNCONTROLLED.
Dead Anyway
2009-11-10 04:14:49 UTC
Sustain and Enrich My Foot!

There are two categories of people who will agree with SM Goh and Singapore Government Immigration Policy :

1) Those Singaporeans living in "Ivory Towers", too sheltered from the realities of existence and do not understand the plight of the commoners.

2) Those "Foreign Trash" with vested self-interest at the expense of born and bred Singaporeans.

We cannot even smell the so called "Swiss Standard of Living" that SM Goh has promised us when he was the PM. Ever since these new immigrants poured into Singapore en masse, I have seen many PMETs jobless after they were being replaced by those so called "Foreign Talents" aka Cheap Labour. They are now living from feet to mouths like those in the third world countries.

The spiraling cost of living and stagnant salaries in Singapore is reducing many average Singaporeans’ standard of living to subsistence level, let alone having the mood, time and money to "manufacture" babies.

Instead of nipping the problem in the bud, the government let it get totally out of hand by doing wholesale imports of "Foreign Talents" from China, Myanmar, Philippine, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc. just like other commodities to suppress the salary level of Singaporeans which further exacerbate the problems.

Why is job discrimination against its own citizens allowed in Singapore and sanctioned by the government?

For instance :

Generally, Singaporeans have no qualms with those 'REAL Foreign Talents and Foreign Workers' who are here to supplement our workforce in those jobs that Singaporeans do not have the qualifications and/or experiences to match or may not want to take it up. What we have taken issue with are those jobs which Singaporeans who have the qualifications and/or experiences but have to play second fiddle to foreigners despite having a birthright because of their age, reservist burden, maternity leave, family obligation, part-time/self-study course and the list goes on.

Singapore should not be run like a corporation, i.e. Singapore Inc, totally devoid of humanity and treating its true blue citizens as replaceable just like a small cog in a large wheel where only the bottom line matters.

As MM Lee is hoping against hope that if one out of a thousand foreigners chooses to take up Singapore Citizenship, Singapore could have earned it is simply ignoring the huge social costs it entails. The social costs far outweigh the economic benefits and true blue Singaporeans have to bear the brunt of the government's miscalculation just like the "Stop At Two Policy" in the '70s and '80s.

We have seen how the resultant hardship and the subsequent breakdown of societal fibre have destroyed many born and bred Singaporeans and no amount of beautiful speeches before the GE will change our minds.

It has come to a point, regardless whether the oppositions are fielding unknown candidates I will still vote for them.

Are we going to witness a social time bomb awaiting to detonate at a drop of a hat when the weight is too much to bear.

Only time can tell.
2009-11-09 07:56:28 UTC
If he refers to his pioneers who help sustain and enrich Singaporean way of life may be I agreed, but with these new immigrants it is still early to tell now, cause Rome was not built in one day so it applies to Singapore too.

Besides those holding high position in the government sectors and big organisations and where are those qualified Singaporeans gone to? seems that Singapore is replacing them with new citizens from foreign countries. The country is left behind with a majorities of low income and not capable citizens of forming a nuclear family nor able to get settle down happily. As a Singaporean, none will like the idea as SM Goh think the population to shrink, however, there must be reasons behind every family background for these consequences...but non from the high authorities are willing to go to that extra mile to find out more.

Who then in the country is responsible for all these consequences?
2009-11-09 12:00:46 UTC
Actually our ministers are doing pretty a good job chasing out the domestic population, making us want to stay in other countries and become immigrants ourselves.

And it will not make a difference for a singaporean immigrant on foreign soil. Sure we'd be treated like second, even third class citizens there but we're already feeling this way on our soil.

I mean, look around you. How many singaporeans do you see on the streets would prefered to stay in singapore? If you do not believe me, hop onto a taxi and have a chat with the taxi driver about this issue.

The only people that seem to benifit from our minister's schemes are the rich. THey get richer form getting cheaper labour, and we the working class will suffer from low wages and crappy benifits.

And if you looked closer, many foreginers in entry level jobs are not being very serious in their work. They cut corners and piddle and slack away at any opportunity. One might argue that singaporeans have the same attitude, but your opinions will change when you start working these jobs yourself, and do you think this is going motivate a singaporean to work harder?

Maybe our goverment should start thinking more for the middle class majority and put in more efforts in that area.
2009-11-09 07:45:32 UTC
I do not full agree with SM Goh. Not all foreigners that come to Singapore to work are properly trained as they graduate from the Universities in their respective countries and they have spent a certain amount of time in their home country working. Unless they have gone through the same education system as in Singapore and started work as a Singapore university graduate, I do not think they will be as good.

However, some overseas university do train good graduates so it really depends. I think the Government should really screen the foreigners that apply for working permit here or PR status and be sure that do not actually become a burden instead of contributing to the economy.
2009-11-10 03:21:11 UTC
Me and my family, totally unconvinced of the speech made by the SM.

Dear Mr. Goh, if you are concerned over the shrinkage of the population, then why are majority of the children and grand

children of high ranking official are living aboard ??

Secondly, what is the assurance that PR and new Citizen will help and enrich the quality of Singaporeans' life ??

As for the elderly, majority of the senior citizen, true Singaporean, are working to support themself and/or their family. As reported in the local newspaper, the PAP government can make substantial contribution to foreign countries as aids for the disaster ocurred, so is it a burden for the government to do their part, in looking after those needy and poor ?

We true Singaporean had built and lived in a multi cultural society but I had overheard and witness racist and anti social

acts carried out by PRs or new citizens. If such practices being carried out in long term, I think, future Singaporean will be erroded by such selfish acts.
2009-11-09 07:00:07 UTC
What is the meaning of being Singaporean if our country is overrun with new immigrants .Jobs for instance most company would hire foreign talents as they cost a fraction of what a Singaporean would cost .What is the point of upgrading ones elves and trying so hard but to lose out in the end as cost is the final factor .The cost of living in Singapore is not getting any cheaper . To sustain a family both husband and wife have to work just to make ends meet.People are homeless .Help the families with troubles .If this is not eradicated from ground level then how can we move forward as one Singapore. Help our people first then others .
2009-11-09 06:39:40 UTC
Not convincing!!!

Try to think about it, how many 'pure' Singaporeans are there in comparison to the total PR populations? There are estimated 3 millions local Singaporean to 2millions 'non pure Singaporeans', totalling est almost 5million population now. Well, that is only one of the smallest issue.

I do agree the need to increase the populations to improve and support our GDP and CPI, but should have a good ratio from different countries and races. Personally, I feel there are far too many Chinese immigrants and others immigrants from our neighbouring countries, esp those across the causeway. Not trying to be racist here, but in order really enrich and sustain Singaporeans, we shouldn't narrow our focus to only people from these two or three countries, but should really increase our expectation and degree of accepting. Not for the sick of increasing the population only. The bringing in of different cultures are very important, but must be in a broader range, not just from the same few countries. Sometimes, they will bring in 'negative' image instead.

The Ministers are not living like most Singaporeans do, in the HDB flats, going to the wet markets to buy groceries, shopping in the neighboring hub. Most grassroot leaders' will put up the best image when there are Ministers or Mayors coming for certain events or visits. These are really 'fake' and artificial, sad to say that, but it is the fact.

Therefore, the Ministers can't really see the real parts of how these immigirants and PR affect our daily living and image given to the tourists the locals.

Therefore, I hope to see quality and sincere immigrants, beside educations, skills, but also real commitment to the Nation of Singapore and cultures. Should go through few tests of different ranges, so that allowing them to be really proud of being part of us, not monetary expect only. Don't you think so?
2009-11-09 02:29:17 UTC
Lets take a look at all the answers given, how many agree and how many disagree?

We will probably be told 'from survey, many agree with what SM Goh has said' although a quick scan across many forums will disagree with this. I wonder how are all those surveys being carried out.

When I was in school, there were malaysians and foreigners too; we did not complain about them. So why are so many Singaporeans complaining and feeling the heat now?

I was away from Singapore for a few year, I made yearly trip back to Singapore. The more trips I make to Singapore, the more I secretly hope I do not have to go back even though I miss my family and friends; just how many foreign talents are being imported into Singapore each year?

The sudden surge of foreigners are stranggling Singaporeans... it is the sudden surge. Imagine when the number of foreigners are increasing gradually, not suddenly... then many of those foreginers will understand that they are in a foreign land, they need to respect and adjust their lifestyles to the locals, not the other way round. But when a large group are being 'welcome' all the time, they can form their own clique, without having to respect the locals. [I am not saying all foreigners are like that, just that a great lot of them are destroying the reputation of many others]

Despite realising this, Singapore Gov. has an interesting way of doing and solving problems, increase the number of foreigners to maintain and enrich singaporean way of life? How could this be?

Also, we can of course choose to work longer hours and opting for lesser pay; but can the cost of PUB, bills, grocery and flat etc etc go down?

When we choose to strike a balance between work and family life; we are told we are a group of fussy workers as we cannot work through the weekends for a lower pay which many foreigners, esp. those who did not bring the entire family over can.

When we chooe to work for lower salary; we are told we do not save enough for our retirement... so we will cause a national problem in future.

When we choose to work for longer hours; we are told that stress etc etc is affecting our birth rate... again, we will cause the population to shrink and Singaporeans will be registered as 'endangered' then 'extinct'

Ask any employers, they welcome foreigners more for their expertise or for the salary or for other reasons? Are they willing to welcome the idea of 'importance of family'. Do they welcome working mothers (even with experience and qualification) as much as they welcome foreign 'talents'?

But will bringing in and accepting foreigners really solve the problem? IF these 'foreigners' become PR or new citizens and they really decide to grow their roots here, then they feel what many Singaporeans feel... Then EVEN MORE foreigners will be needed...
Wind S
2009-11-11 23:47:09 UTC
No. The cost of living is too high in Singapore. Who brought all the cost to increase they are the PR and new citizens.PR and new citizens will leave singapore when there are no more attractions. The China PR pledge loyal to China at the national parade hanging of China Flag in SINGAPORE at HDB. New citizens and PR bring in alot of problems too such as the cost of HDB etc. There will be no local born Singaporean soon. May be Singapore should start with a citizens grading systems too.
2009-11-09 17:19:27 UTC
i don't agree. we cannot try to "recreate" the situation generations ago, when people came to "Nanyang" to earn a living. then was then and now is now.

it's true that people came and settled in Singapore became Singaporeans, but that was when 100% of the people were immigrants. the situation now is different. "16 generations" (quoted) has passed, and we should have been working on increasing the birthrate, not "outsourcing".

like chickens, when u first start a farm, u buy your chickens. and after some time, u rear your own chicken. you cannot keep buying them! like many answerers here, we are not saying you totally canot bring in foreign talents, we can, but we must prioritize correctly.

it's not easy being the government body, the leader of a nation, i grant that. in fact it is very difficult. but still i want to say, why aren't they treating the root of the problem?

Singaporeans are kiasu because if we're not, we'll be out of the game. why are we pushing children to excel? why are children so stressed out? imagine me getting all worried when my child couldn't recite the ABCs when he was 3. three! what was i doing when i was 3?? we are going this direction because the flow is such. so if a child is good in sports/arts, he's against the flow. it's a "useless" talent.

why are Singaporeans so dependent? we don't care about clearing up the tables after ourselves. we can't even throw our garbage responsibly. we feel embarrass to help, but we're ok to pretend to sleep on crowded trains and buses. (shouldn't it be the other way round?)

oh well, im getting out of topic, but i can go on for another few thousand words, but im gonna stop here.
2009-11-11 18:20:56 UTC
A country should grade

Citizen=Own children

PR=Adopted children

Workpass etc=long distance relatives

A business should be represent by its company's employee

eg. if Singapore is projecting itself to be a Tourism Hub, my suggestion is these immigrants should not be in the middle or low positions as they are not Singaporeans, they are not qualify to represent Singapore, in terms of culture, the way they are brought up, working attitude, speech etc. These people will misrepresent Singaporeans. As these front line service staff is the core person, that leaves either good or bad impression to the country. I suggest these positions should be replaced by Singaporeans. (Look at korea, I remembered I was once told that the korean government does not allow foreign to the country to snatch away their citizen job, in fact they are protected with a min salary of $1500 in conversion to SGD.)

Yes, I do agreed some jobs in Singapore, Singaporeans do not want to work as construction workers. But not to the extend that service line is inclusive. So I suggest the authority should look into the matter.

Look if these immigrants keep coming in the our country accepting lower pay, willing to work long hours, as a businessman point of view it is to the advantage to the company. But as a citizen point of view is that this immigrants in coming to snatch away their livelihood. Yes, economics downturn we will accept a pay cut, but during this downturn we can try to reshuffle, restrict certain jobs that will cause misrepresent of a Singaporean. (eg any positions that deals direct to tourist, waiters, salespersons, busdrivers etc) In another words is a win win situation for the government and citizen.

I read some articles up, some immigrants up there already felt the they are so important now in our country. What will happen if Singapore have achieved and success its target as a tourism hub, these immigrants will say that its their credit not us Singaporeans, as most of the position is filled by them. I belived that if you did not gained anything from our country you won't be here. But please do not bring too much of your culture to us,( I means bad habits) we already got too much nations here, we don't need more.

I would like to add on, I belived that the above positions I had mention, Singaporeans have a better capability and qualities in the positions. What our ancestors had help to built Singapore, we will be able to do it too or even better, but just do us a small favour, STOP LETTING THESE IMMIGRANTS IN , LET US HAVE A CHANCE TO PROOF OUR ABILITY. THESE PEOPLE HERE ARE SLASHING OUR SALARY NOT HELPING US.

With current increase of groceries and living expenses, we had to deal with. A salary of $1800 does not allows a person to set up a family. How can we survive if we keep letting these immigrants to our country to slash our salary. Accepting lower pay doesn't help us in long term, it only brings us to more debts. Agree?

These immigrants really are a PAIN IN THE BUTT! They brings in more harms to our citizens than benifits. Look, there was once a female immigrant who cheated our fellow elderly Singaporean's CPF withdrawal monies, that cause CPF's to entend the withdrawal's age requirement. Yes, maybe its enriching our CPF "original account."

Cheers Singaporeans, we will achieve, if the authority will stop letting these immigrants to fill up the jobs in our country. We will look forward into this.
2009-11-11 08:49:31 UTC
I really hope LKY and all the ministers are able to see all these answers...

101% disagreed. They are making our life here from bad to worse. If the population is shrinking, isn't better for us? We will have lesser unemployment rates, lesser crime rates, lesser congestion on the road or taking public transportation, lesser noise, air pollution. Gradually, we will live better each day and these will benefit all singaporeans as we finally can live longer and we no need new immigrants to help sustain and enrich our life. Yeah!
2009-11-09 16:58:35 UTC
Immigrants are only the key to solving our population problem? I doubt! It is wise to look at the other factors that contribute to the shrinking population rather than streesing so much on new immigrants. If new immigrants are helping in sustaining & enriching the quality of life of Singaporeans, then what do you think Singaporeans are doing? Shaking their legs? We are toiling for our living, not them. We are going for reservice and army to save Singapore, not them! We invested our life in Singapore, not them! As such, it is unfair and inappropriate to give more priority to new immigrants or to say that they help nourish the quality of our lives!

2009-11-09 12:52:07 UTC
it all depends on how committed and much stake they are willing to put in this country. For the citizens are paying the dues for whatever privilleges they enjoy as part of Singapore, eg the national service commitments. Will the immigrants and their children be willing to stake their future in the country through the ups and downs or are they just using Singapore as a stepping stone to other countries? Will they leave at the first sign of trouble?

Anyway, the most important they should ask is how valuable is the Singapore citizenship? If they don't take good care of our own citizen, then how much worthy is to be a Singapore citizen? have they done enough to make people proud to be Singapore citizen and for foreigners to want to come here to sink their roots here?
2009-11-09 10:50:08 UTC
I know i might sound shallow but i really feel very strongly against the HUGE influx of immigrants in spore. It's annoying me to the core. Everywhere I go now, almost all the vendors in shopping centre and fast food restaurants are pple from china or some other country. I cannot help but feel that the Singaporean culture is eroding! Whatever talk having a sense of belonging, I feel none of them now. Very disappointed to see what's becoming of Singapore.

How can we think of integrating them? Do you really think they would stay on and be loyal to the country? NO! they came here only for the gold mine, or mostly. And what more of the fact that they are spoiling the market, making our housing so expensive and decreasing our wages indirectly?

It's unthinkable what Singapore would become a few years to come...
2009-11-09 02:47:14 UTC
I have to disagree with the SM. All I see around me are foreigners competing for every things that was once in balance. Whether for jobs or housing.

I'm have no figure as to how many PR and new citizen buy resales HDB flats, add that to the higher divorce rates nowsaday and what you get is a demand outstripping supply for resales flat. That in turn could only mean higher price Singaporeans that need to buy resales flats. Look at the price now....maybe that is a good indicator.

Look at common coffee shops or other F&B establishments. How many of the staffs are foreigner? All I see is plenty.

As to how they sustain and enrich Singaporean way of life, I failed to see what the common folks benefited.

As to what the right number and quality, can we even start to put them in certain definition? What quantity are we taking about? 1/20, 1/10, 1/5 of the population? and what quality are we looking at. Businessmen? Engineers? Doctors? enlighten me.

What I can see, perhaps short-sighted, is that there is competition and conflict for the common folks on the ground. Perhaps the benefit is economical on the Grand Scale of Thing that is being planned ahead.

All I know is that at this point of time, I am losing out to them in term of age(i am older), pricing where it comes to wages(they are cheaper), time where it come to working hours(they can work longer hours). So, if i am a employer, make a guess who i would hire...
2009-11-09 15:54:28 UTC
Personally i dont like the idea of so many PR fighting for our jobs in Singapore and because of the competition,our salary gets lower and lower but with increasing cost of living (etc.petrol,utilities,food) I believe the population shrinks because singaporeans cant afford to marry and bear the cost of raising children. Nowadays the kopitiam or toilets are flooded with foreigners spitting everywhere,talking loudly.The MRT are packed with workers who just knocked off from their heavy work.Btw i dont feel the advantages being a Singaporean over the PRs,maybe the government needs to highlight these cons and pros to us if there are any,thanks
Remus L
2009-11-09 06:36:32 UTC
I disagree with him.

Our forefathers built this homeland for us,naturalized Singaporeans to live a happy life together not for foreigners to come in and take away all our opportunities like jobs and even housing and luxuries away from us.

Very often,I feel like I am a Singaporean living in a foreign country.Even in schools, there is a ratio of almost 1 foreigner to 3 Singaporeans. We have to compete with them in schools and even in working environment,many companies prefer to hire foreigners like PRC and India Nationals and not mind forgoing locals in place of them,because they can pay them lower wages.

Even in public places,in KFC counters, there are really so many foreigners serving and they can barely speak good English. It saddens me at the state of Singapore today,where all the opportunities for us are been robbed by foreigners and the Government is not doing anything to resolve this. Instead,they are justifying the presence of immigrants as trying to help and sustain and enrich Singaporean way of life when the irony is I don't see how foreigners,from a different soil and heritage can do such a thing. Their loyalties tend to lie to their native and they are here to just make big bucks.

In fact Im not sure if anyone noticed,but even the crime rates have gone up in recent years after the rise in immigrants. The once safe state of Singapore is becoming rather unsafe.

I can hardly be secure when any of my sisters go down to shop at night with so many Indian and Thai workers drinking and making commotion under the block. I don't see the law enforcements even taking much action in this and protecting us,Singaporeans!

Mr Goh is not going to win over us on this,we are not going to buy his reasoning. True, Singapore population will not shrink in 2020,but Singaporeans will go away with the dinosaurs.
2009-11-09 02:00:17 UTC
I vehemently disagree Wth Goh CT. How can the new immigrants help sustain and enrich the quality of life in S'pore?

For one, the social structure is severely damaged with second class immigrants coming in and cause a total upheavel of our life in all aspects.

From taking the public transport to social inter-mingling.

If those immigrants are professionals, it will be a different story. All are unskilled workers in for a better life and in so doing, totally changed the demographic pattern of our life. The culture , the behaviour , the outlook and even the scent of their body odour is quite hard to bear. Sorry to be frank.

When the government gained so much with the immigrants and the very fact that the Ministers and government elites will hardly meet the FWs in close proximity, Goh Chok Tong can say everything is possible. Let him stay and take bus with a load of workers to work for a month than he will not say what he said.

We are totally against the influx of immigrants in so great a number. Get real please!! 26% of the total population !!!
2015-10-13 06:18:06 UTC
Absolutely full of nonsense. I thought in the last election they said they are trying to provide a better standard of living for us and our children. (the Swiss standard or something). In fact, that has always been a promise by the gov't until the end of 90s. And I must say the gov't has done a reasonably good job for transforming the country from the 60s to 90s.
Pink Gal
2009-11-10 22:40:17 UTC
i do not agree.

there are too many PRs in singapore and they are competing with singaporeans for jobs. the number of PRs should be limited or not singapore will be full of PRs and lesser singaporeans. nowadays everywhere i go, the place is full of PRs. singaporeans(including me and people that i know) are not happy about the amount of PRs in singapore. population will shrink due to the fact that singaporeans are migrating to other countries as singapore does not feel like a home for singaporean anymore.
2009-11-09 21:49:18 UTC
New immigrants are introduced in such drastic influx, it will cause more harm than to benefit the native popultaion. Perhaps this is the mindset of the Government, never lose out. BE KIASU, always be the first, even if the sacrifices is great. Perhaps Elite thought is

"TO suceed,, huge sacrifice is necessary".

Are singaporean whiner? No. We, the native Singaporean are generally peace loving, We just like to have a simple routine type of life. just simple living. But the elite think differently,. Elite believe they are born special, deemed to perform great issue and be admired by the world.

We, the native Singaporean have become the pawns in their game of greed.
2009-11-09 02:04:55 UTC
I am not convinced. It is because of immigrants who buy houses and make the price of private property exorbitant. As a result, many Singaporeans are crammed into tiny flats, akin to pigeon holes while the immigrants enjoy the land they were not from. They are also prepared before they enter Singapore schools so that they have learnt everything that is to be taught while locals have not. As a result, they make competition in schools tougher and the playing field is not level. In the end, it is Singaporeans who lose out sometimes. I think that Singapore can bring in foreign talent but the delicate balance must not be upset to safeguard the interests of Singaporeans.
Hand S
2009-11-09 19:41:48 UTC

I am not convinced by his speech.

We, Singaporean travel around the world. We learnt a lot of our things from the world outside. So do the people out there. our country are clean, smell good and the sky is blue.

We built this kampong into a country. Our people's heart is good with care.

Ever since the immigrants starts to appear on our street, look how dirty and disgusting is our road.

Our job especially those unskilled or low-skill or even the specialist lost the job to them.

There are no benefit for singaporean if you look clearly on this matter.

if you insist to say the word 'yes'.

they are for the rich and definitely not for the common people.
2009-11-11 23:08:41 UTC
We don't need anymore immigrants. Singaporeans need to believe in their own human resource! By employing immigrants, it shows that we have very little faith in ourselves and what we can do for the country. WHAT A SHAME!
2009-11-12 10:47:22 UTC
3 years ago, a 3 rooms HDB in Jurong asking for $150k , today is $270k !! and my salary have not rise a single cent because of cheaper foreign talent complete in the market, they can afford cheaper salary ! Getting a loan from bank to buy flat these days are not easy too ! I asked MP why HDB price gone up so 'crazy high' , he told me HDB have to follow market trend ! Today newspaper showed a 4 rooms HDB in Queenstown sold a record high of $653k ! Who is the buyer you know? a single male Indonesia PR ! Who to blame !? me ? Next generation sure suffer la !
2009-11-12 03:05:13 UTC
I'm sorry. I am totally unconvinced about that statement.

Ask ourselves why does the Singapore population shrink?

1st reason: The talented Singaporean and those who can afford to immigrate to other countries do it to have a better life. When we talk about "better life", it's not just monetary. It has also to do with a lot of factors, one being quality of life. Why would one stay in Singapore if one has to work longer hours just to earn lesser? And also working longer hours at the risk of ruining your health and social and family life?

2nd reason: The middle class who have to work hard to sustain their income. If both husband and wife are busy working, and coupled with the high living cost in Singapore, do you honestly think anyone in their right mind would want to have more kids and heavier burden?

3rd reason: Almost none of the foreigners I know of plan to stay long terms in Singapore. Most of them used Singapore as a stepping stone to either go to States or Europe. The remaining those who don't intend to go to another country simply use the opportunity in Singapore to beef up their bank account. I have seen Malaysians who are currently Singapore PR (and these are people who are drawing huge S$ compared to their Singaporean counterparts) who are so stingy and won't even go and eat in Singapore fast food outlets. No! They are not being health conscious! They simply refuse to help in Singapore economy. They would rather go back to Malaysia during the weekend to induldge in all those sinful food. To them, they can get those food much cheaper in Malaysia.

Similarly for China citizens, most that I know horde up a tremendous amount of $ during their stay in Singapore and then remit all of it back. Being thrifty is good virtue but not contributing to the economy is totally unacceptable.

And I really wonder who is the Singapore government helping in this economy downturn?

PRs can also benefit from SPUR programmes?

Many foreigners joined NTUC unionship on purpose because once you are a union member, you are entitled to seek help. Isn't all these aid supposed to be reserved for one's own citizen?

Frankly I do not see other countries being so "generous" in their help to non citizens.

PRs are only granted a permanent residency in Singapore but that do not make them citizens!

I think we should not allow them PR status so easily. We should only let them convert to PR maybe after 5 to 10 years stay in Singapore. Then give them a specified timing to consider to convert to Singapore citizenship. If by then, they are reluctant to convert to Singapore citizenship, then we simply show them the door. No mercy. Begone. Bye Bye. Sayonara.

And we must also tax them heavily for whatever capital gain they have on their sale of property and CPF withdrawal when they leave.
2009-11-09 01:58:26 UTC
Historically, we have done that in the past with success especially in 1970s. However, in the new global economy not only the economic perspectives taking place in Singapore but the education levels of the respective emigrants from individual countries.

To understand the Singaporean way of life or the enrichment methods, we should understand the thinking of the majority of people. Singaporean has been taught to learn and explore to other countries looking for better prospects or business.
2009-11-12 22:26:47 UTC
I am neither a PAP stooge nor am I an opposition! Just because you citizens don't want to do low paying jobs or without skills, and expect the Govt to employ you in ' your comfort zones' job - where got meaning. to fill into the gaps, something has to be done! for your information, PRs is not that easy to apply and obtain. There are certain criteria to be eligible.For manual workers, it is the contractors who apply 'work-permits' for their stay and work. Please do not post what is not true.I am only trying my very best to correct your mis conceptions about Govt. procedures.
2009-11-11 18:04:35 UTC
He is quite right. The island nation is one of many expats living together. The current aging population of citizens will be devoid of any growth and opportunities, if more immigrants are not allowed and the GDP improved. However, absolute control is required to ward against any particular ethnic group population explosion drowning in its wake the other groups which have equally contributed to the nation's growth
livy l
2009-11-09 07:19:29 UTC
No. 100 Pct No

This is all nonsense, i cannot see how new immigrant can sustain an enrich singaporean life. If SM Goh is lookiing at this comment, would he like to elaborate more on this.

how did we come up with such low birth rate in the firsr place. (May i ask all the PR about this. Do you know the answer?) please read our past newpaper.

What i did see is that our usual uncle and auntie who is doing the job like cleaning and petrol kiosk had been replaced by them. For those who are immigrant in singapore. If you convert your citizenship to singapore, i will welcome you with both arm, if not please SHUT UP
2009-11-12 22:27:33 UTC
Oh Yeah, we are invading your country? Yes, I do agreed that Singapore is safe, clean etc. What we need is to have a better life here, bringing my family here to enjoy the peaceful and beautiful country. My intention here is to make more money and save up for my kids.I am sure every family man will do the same. As long as the company keep us here, we will stay. Anyway we are unable to stay here if the company does not re-contract our employment. We will leave for sure. At the meantime, we really enjoy the beautiful things here.Thank you.
2016-02-18 19:22:50 UTC
Do you think an Immigrant can understand the predicament of a local Singaporean…
2014-06-05 20:28:11 UTC
We are born in Singapore- our Parents too. No matter how bad the situation our live still goes on and we have been thru thick and thin with our fellow Singaporean.
2015-10-08 06:35:08 UTC
Moreover, many of these lowly educated immigrants bring over undesired habits which does not enrich our way of life in any way. They often intrude into our personal space (EXTREMELY LOUD talking even though they are just beside each other) and disregard simple social etiquette.
2009-11-11 00:01:10 UTC
Definitely NOT!

If these new immigrants come to Singapore as entreprenuers and set up business and employ more Singaporean, then yes, we welcome them with open arms.

But NOT if they are here to compete with us for the same limited no. of jobs!

And they totally ignore our existing racial peace & harmony that we have built up over the years!

I have seen new immigrants ordering food from Chinese stalls and then use the cutlery from Muslim halal stalls. Seeing that they do not understand our culture, I kindly explain to them.

Guess what? Instead of apologising, they replied it's ok. They are the same forks and spoons used for eating mah!

And the next time during mealtime, you still see them doing the same thing!

And seriously, I am sick of them saying how terrible Singapore is, how lousy its citizens are when they communicate within their own circle.

Yeah complain and complain! Why come to pathetic Singapore in the 1st place?

And they have made it so blantantly open that they are here to "dig gold" and will definitely return in few years time.

And while earning their gold in Singapore, with the blue IC given to them, they enjoy all the rights in Singapore and also get to travel around overseas easily. 'Cos if they have only their original country's passports, they have a lot of difficulties to go thru customs, but with a Singapore blue IC, lots of doors are opened to them.
2009-11-09 07:07:30 UTC
Actually I don agreed. I think Singaporean are been bully by immigrants, and look down by them as well. Personally this is how I felt. Some of them gather up in a group said in their hometown language behind some of us (singaporean) and then they laugh very loudly and we look like some dumb animals, a lot of question marks ??? hey what are they talking about, then they stare at you and goes off. Funny this is wat happen almost when there are a group of them (PRS). Government stated that we must learn to accept them as part of us as part of family- problem is do they accept us as one of them, I don thinks so. To build a happy relationship take 2 hands to clap and not 1. I believe the government has their good reason for saying this as they really do mantain a good country and truely I am proud of singapore governent for making it a open country if have a choice I prefer not so much foreign worker.
2009-11-09 06:42:00 UTC
Not really. I have stayed in AMK practically all my life, and as the years go by, there are more and more foreigners intruding into the heartlands. It's not that I'm opposing it, just that I feel like I am in China (especially) when I am in my own country! They talk loudly over your heads, spit anywhere, and fighting with our own Singaporean children over spots at top schools. While understanding that they do bring a certain amount of benefits to Singapore, it would be great if they could adapt or maybe even combine different cultures together harmonically, however thay are just bringing in the worst of their habits into our once eautiful, and green country.
2009-11-09 01:24:21 UTC
Speaking from my own point of view as a Singaporean, i don't really understand or get the drift about having immigrants deciding on our future. Let's not forget this, what made Singapore today is basically the toil and hard work of the original Singaporeans who had enormously contributed to the nation. Undoubtedly, we deserve the credit and be given more privilege. While Singapore has become what it is today, therefore this already made things easier for foreigners. For example, we worked so hard and then suddenly very easy for them to come in. What should be looked into is basically to bring out the best of our very own local talents who are no less than foreign talents. If these values are being cultivated, surely we would be proud to have exports rather than imports.
2009-11-10 00:17:53 UTC
Look at the job ads. They always state "Singaporean and PRs apply only" but in real case, how many Singaporeans get employed? Very very little! Mostly the jobs are taken up by PRs!!!

And although government put in a min. quota that company must employ Singaporean/PR : Foreigners, but most companies use loopholes to employ PRs instead. I know, 'cos my previous company did exactly that. 1 department has only 1-2 Singaporeans, 90% are PRs and EP holders!

And these PRs, EP holders all come to work in Singapore due to the higher currency exchange rate. If S$ to RMB or to Indian Rupee or to Malaysian Ringgit is 1 : 1, do you think they would still come? Nay!

Next, look at the HDB resale market. These PRs are also competing with us on buying a flat. And bear in mind, they still have their houses, apartments in their own countries collecting rental. Some Indians, Malaysian & PRC citizens go back every year to purchase a property in their homeland and when times are up for them, they return home a millionaire. By then, they can sell off their HDB flats and earn another fortune by pushing up the price!

Also look at our tertiaries and universities. They are competing with us on the enrollment. Our poor kids have to compete hard with them for a spot. Given the difference in education background and culture, our kids are not able to compete with them.

Though I also know of a handful PRs especially from China, who look down on Singaporean education and won't send their kids to Singapore. They would rather earn the big $ in Singapore and then send it all back to China. They are not contributing to Singapore's economy at all. They are just like leeches, get everything here and then go back to their homeland.

Singaporeans who have to work day & night just to earn a decent livelihood, and somemore with husband & wife working in order to have dual income, how do you expect them to still have the energy to "make babies" and improve our population?

And the talk of PRs, foreigners substain & enrich the quality life of Singaporeans? It's all BS!

And lastly, just want to update a little, it's damn easy to get a PR status in Singapore. You come here under a EP and then 6 months later, can easily convert to PR.

And 1 reason why most of them foreigners convert to PR is because they can then easily change jobs!

Yeah! More job competitions.

I know I sound like a sour grape, but you would do the same if your jobs, houses, studies are being snatched by foreigners!
2009-11-10 03:29:55 UTC
The problems in our minister today is that they longer live on a planet called earth. How would they have known when the immigrant are taking jobs away from us and taking our livelihood too.

I met a guy from MOM in Mumbai, do you know that his job is to employ Indian accountants, adminstrators, HR personnel for singapore.

So when I asked why do MOM does that and his reply is that we need Younger people to substain the economy of singapore.

So my reply was "so good, when you reaches 40 years old, MOM should sack you and replace you with another younger man from India"

I didn't receive any more invitation or good wishes from him till to date.
2009-11-09 02:46:21 UTC
Nobody is disagreeing about the fundamental need to arrest population decline or even talent importation for Singapore's long-term good. What we citizens don't agree is the way and the extent of the Government's policies and actions.

They obviously haven't weighed their policies' impact properly before implementation or miscalculated.

Any third-world country's minister could pass a bold policy to immediately arrest a population decline problem by massive immigration.

Can't they come up with more expert solutions comensurate to the kind of remuneration being paid to them?

Mr. Goh, it seems.., always tends to frame things too simplistically just to get his message across. We should either do this or we'll end up badly for not and ..I told you so... usually this kind of scare tactic.

Actually, we citizens don't mind competing with anybody - just let us compete with them on EQUAL footing.

Does any of the very ministers or top civil servants who say they 'know how it feels' have to compete with foreign talent for their present job?

The PR who is here to work off his study loan or pay debts at home - doesn't mind working for less than 1K per month for a couple of years or work 10 hours a day without overtime. That's because he would still be getting a higher salary than if he were working in his own country. By coming here, he not only earns equal or more, but also gets to enjoy : subsidized polyclinic charges, subsidized hospital bed charges, sponsorship for skills upgrading, priority over single citizens for hdb apartments if he has a family unit, same cost for SPUR retraining, etc. . Yet the government says that citizens are still better off because PRs are still considered as citizens of their own countries! - as they said after the recent case of blue-ic chucking on China national day TV programme.

I find it heartbreaking whenever I go eat at a food court and see alot of old Singaporeans working as cleaners for $600 salaries and cleaning the tables for foreign-looking office-workers who may be working or living here comfortably by the grace of the country that those older-generation Singaporean people had built up.

If a Singapore citizen were to go to another country, would we enjoy such benefits if we were PRs? Even liberal welfarism EU countries don't treat their PRs so well.

Have you seen the daily advertisements of job recruiters in the newpapers of all of some of these 'talent' source countries? They almost guarantee that PR status will be granted to anyone if they work a period of time here, or after some period of study here. Based on your own observation, would it seem that their claims are backed by true instances from your own observation - we've all seen instant coffee or noodles - have you seen instant PRships? Correct me if I'm wrong.

If the government wants to treat PRs and immigrants better than other countries- that's fine! Just please allow us citizens to convert our ic to blue and so not have to serve NS or bear the burden of this requirement or that.
2009-11-09 07:25:25 UTC
Dear SM Goh, its been 2 years i have not got a job. I am now depending on my wife income of $1800 to support my 6 kids. many days we live in darkness and only eat once a day. my wife have to walk from home to MRT station about 25 mins coz she cant afford to take the feeder service. I have been trying hard to get a job and but not successfull..its is very sad coz we still owe credit card and cant afford to pay. Creditors keep knocking on my door and we have to remain quiet. I used to work in IT company but lost the job due to last economic downturn. Nowdays I am competing with foreigners that can do my job for half the price. I am always getting turn down..I want to know in which way SM Goh beleive that foreigners will make my life and the rest of the singaporeans like me better ? I still have income tax due for the past 2 years and i cant afford to pay. I still owe credit card , i am even being issued warrant of arrest coz i cant afford to pay my paking fines when i used to have a car. Every day, me and my family of 6 shares $8-10 in coins to survive. It is so bad that my wife even have to take leave coz she has no money to go to work..What will happen to us , only GOD knows.. in the meantime SM Goh can only only say " I know how Singaporean feels" and continue to eat and drink good food just like the rest of the foreigners... thank you SM Goh.. you make every singaporean feel at home...only at the darkness.....
Dewi Pepek
2009-11-11 09:26:14 UTC




2009-11-12 01:07:18 UTC
Without Permanent Residents (PRs) and new citizens, Minister's payout and bonus will soon go the way of the dinosaurs — as their adjusted pays will begin to shrink in no time.
Princess Cathie
2009-11-09 11:43:10 UTC
Geying population in S'pore is a real problem but it has its root way back in 1970s (my generation, X) when the "2 is enough" policy kicked in n Abortion was legalised in 1973.

Since then, families, esp poor ones were discouraged from having more than 2 children cos they were slapped with fines to have children n also had lots of disadvantages such as No privilege for their children to go to good schools.

Many of my aunties n frenz in the baby boomers generation had NO choice but to abort their unborn. An average of some 2-3 abortions per person in the age 50s n above I have spoken 2.

Todate, irresponsible adults (Generation X n Y) did wat their predecessors did.. They also aborted their unborns but due to wrong reasons like premarrital sex etc etc.

Year 2008, some 12,000 abortions were done, 50% of which were married, the rest are pre-marrital sex.

Last yr, our birthrate was at all time low of some $36,000. If none of the 12,000 unborns were murdered, the total is $48,000 which is very close to our need at 50,000.

So the root cause was due to

1) Baby Boomers Generation:

Legalising abortion in 1973s... Singaporeans had to stop at 2 for the sake of the children's education

2) Generation X n Y

Irresponsible behaviours eg pre-marital sex, choice to stop baby from coming into life due to commitment like work n houses.

So Frenz.. The result of immigrations today is the problem that was sown more than 30 years ago..

Wat u sow is wat u reap!

1 recent incident of my frenz's father's wake blew my mind concerning a PR. My frenz was very distaught when her father passed away. On the day when the funeral wake stuff were being erected, there were several complaints from the neighbour, who even went to the extent of emailing the MP.

Guess wat?

This person is a PR... don't noe from which country...

Wat is this person trying to do...

Being a PR n making his/her voice heard?

Wat a total irrespect to the Dead n his living!

Oh yes! Good immigrants are great but I wanna plead with the Govt to do their homework before approving the PRs like nobody's business, cos some have questionable background even though they are millionaires!
2009-11-09 07:39:06 UTC
101% disagree. Ever since Singapore open its doors to immigrant, Singaporean have suffers financially and emotionally. Ask yourself if you're a businessman, will you employ locals or cheap foreigners. Immigrants have transformed our lives fron bad to worse. Years of hardwork to build up Singapore, now we have to share the fruits with these people. Singapore will prosper with them alright, but never will Singapore be the same. There's no more sense of belonging or pride. The PAP government have to look into protecting it's people plight now, instead of only striving for tomorrow. Only the lucky well-off will disagree with me. My advise to these people, look around you instead of just your own well-being, your nice new car, your nice new homes, etc. Fact is many Singaporean are deprived of jobs because of foreigners.
Black Sheep Shepherd
2009-11-09 06:48:13 UTC
Dinosaurs? They're worth fortunes, but us? C'mon, quit rubbing salt on our wounds.. We can hardly afford peanuts & could only afford to write in, complaint & hopefully not being sued or something in the process.

This little Red Dot (amongst its other global credentials earned through its little people) had recently been surveyed as top 10 most highest living standards (applause.. ppl) but sadly its people aren't the top 10 best salaried in the world, thus its an imbalance. Living standards rising, jobs losing, cost cutting, outsourcing, blah blah blah.. We're without any doubts the busiest port in the world, not just goods but importing & exporting 'talents' as well..

To make matters worse, decline in birthrate is ridden by loss of local talents (at what rate..? well who knows.. or let's put it more bluntly.. who cares now? perhaps the board of statistics or something?)

For those who have just joined in little Red Dot, good luck. For those who have dwell in long enough to perhaps understand your agenda. Quit complaining & do something if all these really bugs you..

Hint : 'Vortex_fixxer's" response has pointed out a wider aspect of a certain possible turth / future, ponder more on this and perhaps be able to view grand picture in a different light.
Khor J
2009-11-10 04:18:45 UTC
As a small citizen , i think alot of people can't see the big picture...

maybe is true..but i would rather ask our leader, is it without outsource we will be exstinct..?, like our proud invention of New water. . When we say enrich ... meaning we are bring more millionaires, more talents.. definitely our "non so capable countryman " after service NS may end up landed in third world countries..end up switching identity... Just like school, not keen to keep poor graded student afraid they might bring down the grade of the school..

The capable countryman would enjoy and welcome the ideas...but what about the "non capable one".. which we have bunchs of them.
Esther C
2009-11-09 01:25:44 UTC
No , Foreigners DO NOT help sustain and enrich the Singaporean way of life. We have progressed this far in society - and not due to foreigners but own hard work! I live in a Condo and surrounded by foreigners - they group together and have their own agenda. They hardly make any attempt to adopt our Singaporean Culture . They do not mix well with local Chinese , Indians and Malays. As a matter of fact , my boy was recently critised as he was not from their country nor did he share their affinity for "cricket" . Our government should realise that these foreigners enjoy our cleanliness , our law and order , our perks - and have not given anything in return......
2014-10-15 21:04:59 UTC
I have to disagree with the SM. All I see around me are foreigners competing for every things that was once in balance. Whether for jobs or housing.
2009-11-11 03:07:25 UTC
No.! We do not get the cream of the lots, what we are in factt getting theopportunists and most are using here as stepping stone.

Regardingpopulationn.shrink please-

consider the costs toup bringg a child here with the ever rising Medical costs and others.

Jobs security as well as old ages.

Paper quafications stands out irregardless of ability or real working knowledge. Why are we losing good guys migrating to other countries?
2009-11-09 08:36:30 UTC
Dear SM GOH, I am 100% singaporean... and i feel i am being jilted .

1. I served in the army.

2. I served in the reservist.

3. I served the grass root.

4. My son also go for NS.

5. I am jobless.. but my son need to go for NS.

I don't think writing long stories will help you to change your mind.

How many singaporean agreed with you?

I am ashamed to be a singaporean now.
2009-11-09 07:49:02 UTC
We welcome new citizens....but PRs should not be forever PRs making good income in Singapore. If PRs do not wish to convert their citizenship to Singaporean after 10yrs or more, then it was not fare for Singaproean to compete with them, which every of the male singaporean need to serve full time national service for 2yrs and 13 years of reservice. PRs came Singapore to work because of higher salary than their country, It is our duty and very important to serve national service but also need to get the fare treatment for Singaporean.
2009-11-11 05:54:26 UTC
Absolutely NOT, and i speak for each and every true SINGAPOREAN. The idea itself is ludicrous. Nobody i personally know agrees with this. Frankly, the comments which agrees with the SM are most likely made by all the immigrants.

I don't know about the rest of my disappearing singaporean brethrens, but i can't take it anymore. I'm FED UP. I cannot afford to migrate to europe or states but all my friends who could have already done so. Year after year my friends come back to visit me and they all tell me how different and hostile it is here and that they don't ever want to come back anymore. And honestly who could blame them?

I'm now working hard to leave this little air-conditioned island, i can't afford europe at the moment but I'll just settle for Thailand. Anywhere is better than here really and if that means i'd have to give up the "comforts" singapore provides, then so be it. The anger, hatred, resentment and indignity is too much to take. Anyways, i seriously doubt our comforts will last long at the rate this is going.

I'll understand if they bring in really SKILLED expats that comes here to teach us things we're not experienced with. But not all those cats and dogs you see on the street.

- Foreigners OBVIOUSLY do not bother to integrate or stay for long.

-They always throw us disdainful looks, look down on us and laugh at us, especially those in the service sector.

-They have no respect for our pple or culture.

-They can't speak english to save their lives.

-They bring their 3rd world habits here.

-They commit crimes blatantly and yet strangely those crimes are not reported anywhere on the news.

For your info, i do not dress like a hooker (im always in jeans and t-shirts) but everywhere we go, even at home! My friends and i get STARED at lustfully as if we're naked. The kind of stares they give is itself enough to warrent them a jail term.

I also got stalked twice by those immigrants(called the police,no use at all, very ineffective, had to deal with it myself in the end!) and even been taken advantage once by one of them in escape theme park! A supposed family friendly place! and i was with my 13-years-old sister! Really can't believe that I had to deal with all this BULL! plus i've witnessed a DAYLIGHT robbery occuring in the SM's territory itself! just Imagine!! they're getting bolder and bolder everyday.

We're nothing in the govt's eyes, and nothing's gonna be changed, i seriously agree with another comment earlier on, i think there will be mass rioting/civil war in the streets like indonesia, its not surprising, with all these resentment and hatred.

The governtment's weak and insulting “integration” propaganda attempts are just adding salt to the wound. I agree with every comment made earlier that's against this post. The singapore that im born and bred in, that i know of and was once fond of, is disintegrating.. its going to the dogs now and i've no more love for this place anymore. So don't blame us for being "quitters." YOU'VE PUSHED US.

You might argue that we were a country of immigrants to begin with, but you must understand, our forefathers bore the risks of shipwrecks, uncertainty and diseases to come over here. Went thru the japs, seperation from m'sia, etc.etc. They sweated, toiled and bled for our country, to transform it frm a literal kampong to what we are today. The new immigrants, what did they do except cause us unhappiness and inconvenience? They came when everything is clean and green for them. Do you think they will stick thru thick and thin with us when the times are tough? NO WAY!

Everyday when i walk on the streets im just filled with revulsion and disgust!

Basically, the govt is jus telling and showing us that we're very dispensible and unimportant. And that they don't mind letting 3rd world pple run our "1st world country."
2009-11-11 05:05:22 UTC
It's all bullshit !!!


Please, in the coming election, please send more candidates to contest in more areas in Singapore, not just Hougang & Potong Pasir.

Please also contest in more GRC districts.

My area has been walkover too many times by the Pay-And-Pay party.

We need an alternative voice to help us in Parliament.

PLEASE! As long as you come and contest, I guarantee you my vote!

My country is no longer the country I grew up in and know. I am treated like a 3rd class citizen in my own country.

Please! Tolong!
2009-11-09 22:43:21 UTC
Our country smallest than China, India and others,They didn't have their own resident, no job,no food to eat.why don't employ our nations (Singaporean) and ask new immigrants for help.PRs very important than our nation? or using our nations for help? Singapore's Flag must change to China's Flag,which not Singaporean must using Chinese nation.
2009-11-09 02:11:47 UTC
While the overall idea sounds correct, the truth of the matter is we end up with many who do not integrate, forming their own groups, with the better educated ones or those in better positions frowning on locals and even looking down on locals - just walk around "privately" (without the apple-polishing "Grassroot Group" or "secretly" send "representatives" in the heartlands and see for yourself...

Immigrants and foreign workers have brought with them BAD habits like spitting, litering, unruly behaviour and inhygenic habits...

Do be blame S'poreans for wanting to escape/immigrate if they can afford to?

Get off the ivory tower and come to the real ground to check it out...
zeenath nisha h
2009-11-09 11:11:08 UTC
i dont think so without the new immigrant we survive before why

now we have to depend on them i think this message is not true

by letting out this kind of message the new immigrant will surely

wont respect singaporeans at all

i have heard some of them say you singaporeans oant do

better off without us

now with this kind of commends things will be difficult for

singaporeans i belief we still can lead without them
2009-11-09 00:19:24 UTC
I do not agree with what SM Goh said because, well, we Singaporean children have to compete with these foreigners for places in schools. This causes much stress to many of us and we also get demoralised. Other than that, adults too face the same problem. They have to compete for job positions together with those foreign talents. Instead of bringing in foreigners to take those positions up, the government should motivate the nation because if there are no jobs for the Singaporeans to take up, they have not much income to be able to produce a child do they? That is why the population is decreasing because they do not have a stable income to be able to have a child.
2009-11-09 02:36:44 UTC
no way i'm convinced.this immigrants r nothing but a burden to singapore.maybe they're good for the government but what good r them to the people of singapore.they're stealling jobs from the which any local can do.i'm not talking about the professional level but the normal jobs.i've seen them as salesperson,delivery men,storemen,drivers,cashiers,waiters & much more.why give to them when your own people are jobless.look at our neighbouring country.they send most of the immigrants back where they belong & we should follow them.priority first to the people of singapore then to the immigrants.these immigrants are useless & lazy because i've seen the way they work & for god sake they can't even speak simple english.some of them can't even speak english at all.can u imagine that!what will the tourist think when they come to singapore.these immigrants are downgrading the quality of my country.if we help them,who is going to help us?
2009-11-11 09:19:16 UTC
A part of me agrees with that, yet another part of me doesn't. Here's why.

I agree with SM GOH, because there are just more and more Singaporeans who are leaving their own country for a better life or better education. So, with all the promising, young and potential future generation leaving their own country because there is a better one out there, Singapore needs substitutes, good ones. If not, all the jobs that require much hard work(which what most young Singaporeans are avoiding after having a cushy life in Singapore) would be vacant, then Singapore would be a ghost town. I saw an answer stating that instead of getting foreigners to replace the leaving Singaporeans, leaving for a better life, Singapore should improve on itself to keep the younger generations. But it sure will take a long, long time for Singapore to be as good as USA or England.(Singaporeans can speak English, so why not go to USA/Eng?). So in order to keep our promising young generation, we must be really really good. It takes time, maybe abit too much time. By then, our population would just go down a great deal. Therefore, instead of having to spend that much amount of time( we are talking about decades), use a short term method first. Bring the immigrants in. By the time Singapore has managed to achieve a status as good as other countries, we can stop this immigrant plan. But how long does it take? Too long, just too long.

But then, another part of me disagrees with this statement. With all these immigrants filling the lands of Singapore, the ones who stay, the ones who did not leave, are the ones who will suffer. Then, the 'leftovers' will start to have just one goal in their lives - to beat the immigrants. Therefore, we will just concentrate on one thing only. This just enhances our kiasu attitude. Now, do note, now that the leftovers know that it sucks to be in Singapore where foreigners just want to steal your rice bowl, what will they do next? Migrate and leave. Again for a better life.

In all, this is just a problem that a developing country faces. The biggest mistake the Singaporean government has made, was to make us take English as our first language, when we don't even have the ability to keep our potential younger generation in our own country. With English, we can go anywhere, we don't have to stay in Singapore. They just stabbed themselves hard in their own chests. Thanks Lee Kuan Yew.
2009-11-11 04:13:34 UTC
Please STOP accepting foreginers into singapore. It's flooding here , not shrinking. LOL.

If we have so many foreginers , just let them do the National Service. Dont make National Service complusory for singaporean Males please... It's against human rights. Make it optional with "HIGH salary" to attract those people who are interested or need money. That's the right way to do it.
2009-11-09 09:26:57 UTC
1) its the garments fault

2) garment had made the stuff so expensive its a burden to have children.

3) the hdeebee are so expensive it can buy a nice house with garden in thailand and a 2 storey house in malaysia.

4) we need foreigners because stinkaporeans are too afraid to have babies, milk powder are 2x more exp than in any country.

5) mrt fares are going to sky high, but all we get is seatless cabin in a world class transport

6) foreigners with high level of education earning low amount of money are spending their money in their country. but stinkaporeans have to spend the same amount in stinkapore.. thats why they are ok with lower wages.

7) which major country , US, JAP, RUS, CHI, ENG, EUR do you see $3.8m/yr as a meeneester?

8) which country uses ERP? and sky rocking car price.

9) if not for PAPaya we wouldnt have such a nice country, YEAH RITE!!! canada does noit have PAPaya, US does not have PAPaya, etc.


lastly) 154th and sue-ing issues. look? i cant even type the full form. i am going to up lorry soon.. maybe u will read about me tml in TNP
2014-06-15 11:06:02 UTC
These upper class ... if they truely understand what the general population feels, have they ever taken a public bus before? Have they taken MRT by themselves before? Have they ever need to Q up for public services like us before; w/o need for SPECIAL EXPRESS service? Have they need to squeeze with the larger population? Have they ever come across people whom we have been annoyed by?
2009-11-09 01:54:47 UTC
It's easy for him to say! SM should substantiate with statistic and show How many foreigners ( so called Professionals) really stay on to become citizen.

Only when your end game is to stay put, start a family, contribute socially etc., in the country that offered you the opportunity then we are looking at true contribution. Sadly, many are transient economic migrants. There's always a much greener pasture for them.

Show us the figure please MR SM.
2014-09-19 20:35:04 UTC
Look at common coffee shops or other F&B establishments. How many of the staffs are foreigner? All I see is plenty.
2009-11-09 01:07:11 UTC
I am totally not convinced that immigrants help sustain and enrich Singaporean way of life.

Every country has their own unique culture and way of life, and when foreigners bring in their own cultures into our daily lives and place where we call home, it's called Rojak. This is not enriching and neither is it sustaining Singaporean way of life, it's simply bringing diversity of cultures into our country and lives. By allowing a good influx of foreigners into our homeland, and making it theirs, what message are we sending across to outsiders as well as to Singaporeans? It's an obvious show of desperation that we need numbers to boost ourselves but may end up like the chinese proverb: 滥竽充数, meaning you gather quantity to look good but not quality to sustain.

On his arguement about Singapore population shrinking in 2020, this solution does not target the root cause, rather it's what we call "a bandage" solution. Bandage stops the bleeding and hides the wound temporarily but does not seek to treat the injury. The result will be a festering of the wound over time, and may end up severing off the affected part to save the rest of the body.

The main issue is why is Singapore population shrinking? Direct reason is low birth rate because Singaporeans are not keen on reproduction. Main drivers - most families have to be dual income in order to maintain a quality of life and support their own families. Standard of living is not very high compared to other Asia countries but the desire for a quality standard of living is inherent in every young Singaporean. The Government will be naive to think that with some TV campaigns, advertisements and shows, they can turn Singaporeans into baby making machines and compromise their comfy lifestyle. Be real.

The key to this is either to slow down the pace of life in Singapore, allowing more time apportioned for leisure and family time or make the society system to support families (longer maternity leave can only do so much, other areas to look at: reward financially through good tax rebates, necessities vouchers, lesser working hours for people with kids, joint education fund with Government, etc). Looking at Japan, though the lifestyle for workers is a killer, the family concept still holds strong in the country. Why? Simply because the system supports it. The Government penalises dual income family through taxation, and gives wife/family reliefs to the working husband. There are many more examples that we can extract from neighbouring Asia countries, and those examples are worthy for consideration.

However, none of those systems advocate an influx of foreigners to help sustain and enrich their own way of life. This "bandage" solution will only create more problems than it can solve. Those problems will fester and promote infiltration of corruption so great that it will take a drastic execution over many years to get rid of. And Singapore will take as many years to heal.

Question to Mr Goh is how far ahead are you looking into on the benefits of such foreign infiltration and reliance? 10 years of Ra-ra and fanciful culture displays? What happens after that?
2009-11-09 06:43:26 UTC
Guess it's better to be a new immigrant in Singapore with government spending millions of $$$ to make you feel at home and with benefits like study grant and so on so forth. So...... how valuable is our citizenship now?
2009-11-09 04:59:06 UTC
My questions are,

i am a PR who have completed National Service and still not gotten my citizenship yet, whereby i've met some foreigner's working in my company in the construction industry where thay do not have to serve national service but have attained their citizenship even though they're born in Indian and China.

And those people have now brought in their spouses and children to live in and gradually they too have attained citizenship.

My mother, sister and myself have went up and down numerous times to the ICA building and to meet our MP at the meet the people sessions, not mentioning about my father's status as he is a Malaysian, so we are now still waiting for the day where the sun to shine upon us to receive our citizenship.

As PR's, all 3 of us, for the past years did not receive any form of rebate benefits from the government as we are not entitled to, and myself and my sister studied here in singapore and paid extra fees, we still share the same cost and payments as the rest of the citizen's but my question is, why are not entitled for the benefits. My sister, who is now doing her diploma in nursing is not allowed to receive bursary awards as she is a PR, on the other hand we are holding on to a certificate of identity as a so called passport for us, we need to get visa's to even travel to malaysia, my sister and myself, born in singapore but our nationality in the birth cert. and passport regard us as stateless, it's quite embarassing to sometimes explain to some authority whereby we are needed to get our visa's, about the stateless issue on the passport, it's quite amazing that we are actually stated as born in singapore but stateless of nationality, can any organization explain to me on this.

We are actually seeking a citizenship as i've completed my national service, so now, will i ever be able to call myself as a singaporean?
judy s
2009-11-09 01:22:55 UTC
I think we need to look at what's lacking in our Singapore lifestyle that doesn't allow for family bonding and for young people to marry and start a family. Many don't even consider marriage an option... Bringing in people from China and other places seems to shortchange Singaporeans esp. at this time when stable jobs are hard to come by.
2009-11-12 09:08:04 UTC
If this thread is brought to the SM and he read it , i wonder what he will think :D

I disagree with it of course.
2009-11-10 19:45:34 UTC
I think the main problem is the aging population, if we can make more babies they cannot use shrinking population as an excuse anymore to open our doors wide to immigrants. But our leaders making the decisions themselves always is not fair to us all. MAKE US VOTE!
2009-11-09 06:42:30 UTC
So they failed to get the women to have kids (becoz they were bribing the men when its the women that decide..silly) so they give up and move on to Plan B! So typical of the male psych..

And I was wondering why the MRT trains were all jam packed it felt like the Tokyo subway! They welcome a hoard of foreigners, but they haven't beefed up the transport services and of course we start fighting for everything from jobs, to houses, and bus seats!
2009-11-09 01:40:16 UTC
i disagree wz SM Goh ... of coz he have his views as a country, but we, the citizens of Singapore are feeling the pinch, from fighting for place in the UNIs, also trying our best to keep our jobs, having to deal with them in public places, especially PUBLIC transports. Not to offend the foreign talents we have here in Spore, but at times, feels like a NUISANCE to be facing them! Besides their unhygienic practices, they speak so loudly on buses & trains, rushing into MRT, not following rules such as to STAND BEHIND THE YELLOW LINES! oh please, we are suffering more than anything!
2009-11-09 20:45:55 UTC
After seeing all the angry responses...I can only hope the government does address this quickly or we will have a civil war like Sri Lanka.(It last terribly long too.I hope they're okay.)
Adrian W
2009-11-09 00:06:19 UTC
I am not convinced by what he said. I think we should analyze and evaulate as to why is our population shrinking and why do some people want to give up Singapore citizenship?. I know that Singapore is ranked no.1 in certain criteria and some foreign tend to take Singapore as a stepping stone. We need to know that in this big world, there is always a bigger fish.
2009-11-09 05:30:06 UTC
2009-11-09 10:00:47 UTC
I am a Singaporean living and working in Canada for about 20 yrs. Not too long ago I had plans to retire backhome in the near future. But each year when after my visits to Sg, I find the country losing more and more of its flavour and original appeal to me. From the time I step into the taxi at the airport, I am given a negative impression of the how hard life is now in Sg.Even the food now taste different, I see and hear foreigners trying to duplicate our local dishes with their style and you know the taste "sucks". Like eversince when I had to eat Hainan chicken rice with a chopstick?..I only did that in Canada,HK and China. I personally feel the Sg govt is trying to beef up its population on a fast track. My opinion is that they are not doing enough to launch programs or enough community activities to integrate new immigrants with the locals. Have a ministry of immigration affairs take care of it..People complain that the new commers prefer staying in cliques. There should be more community events to reflect the changing Sg society which means bringing these immigrants out to reach and show case their culture to the native Singaporeans. Show the locals that you want to integrate and share your culture with them.

I am quite sure that not all the PR's or new citizens will make Sg their permanent home. Their families in their motherland are the benefactors and eventually when they decide to retire, they could sell all their Sg assets and return to their motherland and retire in comfort. I am sure many know the quality of life they can enjoy in the Phils,China and India with the profits from their HDB sale.The govt should monitor the situation and not let this get out of hand. Perhaps slapping them with a capital gain tax if they leave the country before a qualifying period. They should benefit only after they contribute to Sg and not at the expense of the native Singaporens.

Besides economic, there are also political implication for the ruling PAP. New immigrants tend to support and vote for the current govt in power as a form of political pay back. You can imagine with additional 1.5mil new supporters, it will give the present govt. a few more mandates.

My fellow best wishes to all of you to make the changes. The only way the govt will listen to your grievances is to make it known during the next election. Tell them you do not want such a quick change, you want to move slowly.If they feel Singapore's population will decline in 2020, then lets talk about the other options besides quick fix immigration. If Singapore has to settle with slower growth but be a happier and healthy place to raise a family, so be it. A high performance economy does not mean it will be society of values. Who wants to live in a country when everyone is stressed out,and have sulking and unhappy faces. There should be a balance, look at your neighbours..they are still able to survive albeit at slower pace but they are contend and happy.

Btw..I now find the food and culture in KL and Penang alot more like the old Singapore. The cost of living there is also more appealing to me now.

Good luck and I am behind you guys every step of the way to preserve our "unique Singapore"..Stand up for Singapore!
nafisha a
2009-11-09 00:37:25 UTC
In what way? As far I am concerned the increase of immigrants in our country makes me feel that my sense of belonging to my country is slowly begining fading. The reason being everywhere I go I am surrounded by foreign workers who behaves like this is their country but when it comes to being responsible in keeping the country clean or maintainig the welfare of the country they have this mentality that this is not their country why shud they care. Basically there only come here to work and earn money, they dont care what happens around them.
2009-11-09 02:02:17 UTC
No, I totally disagree. Locals should be given a chance in every aspect rather than using Foreign talent (not refering to expats) as an excuse where their wages are comparatively lower.
ira jo
2009-11-09 02:28:36 UTC

There's too much foreigners in this country!! Too much,too much of them. I believe one fine day singaporean will be extinct. Whenever I'm on the streets, I deem myself like a foreigner in other country.
2009-11-09 06:34:39 UTC
Dump away Singaporean,bring in new immigrants,that are rich,we singaporean have no place in in our home,,which what we used to call.....bullshit to PaP,i'm a singaporean but i dun feel wanted anymore..till this so call New immigrants came and take away our rice and bowl.......
Mohammad Taha Irfan
2009-11-09 02:00:56 UTC
Singapore has been a land of foreigners right from the start and it will continue to be one. If people criticize on more foreigners coming to Singapore then they should also criticize their forefathers, and hence themselves, who were also an immigrant. Singapore has achieved success with continuous flow of foreigners and will continue to achieve success this way. PAP is a very efficient government. The decisions taken by PAP are considered carefully. We should also remember that PAP's policy is another factor which helped Singapore to achieve success. Although i believe tht there is a lack of freedom in Singapore, I think that it is for the benefit of the people. The government should not take decisions which are popular, but which are right from every perspective. Most of the time, the public only look at issues from one perspective and immediately jump to a conclusion but people should understand that their decisions may not be supported from other perspectives and may fail in the long run. In a nutshell, I would say people should just enjoy living in Singapore and leave issues such as of this one to PAP.
2009-11-10 06:26:07 UTC
How do 5 races live together 'harmoniously'? the answer is ignorance, apathy. Add foreigners to the equation and you get increased ignorance. No wonder it is hard to unite all Singaporeans, except through sport.

"old" citizens will feel like they are living in a 'foreign country' today, but this is the new Singapore. Did the citizens have a say in this happening, definitely no.

The SM claims this change is a good one. Of course, but what about the bad points, he didn't list them. Nonetheless we must be grateful for the current peaceful state of the nation. At least for now.
Benedict z
2009-11-09 17:08:14 UTC
Culture enrichment is such a cover up story, look at us! Please 'la' who else in the world would speak like us? Need i say more? Spokesperson Ris Low would speak for us all! SHINGZ! SHINGZ! SHINGZ! SHINGZ!
2009-11-09 07:02:58 UTC
just take a walk at the red light area.and see how much china,Vietnam and thai new residents enrichING the sg man
2009-11-12 10:49:30 UTC
2009-11-09 00:44:50 UTC
Not always true.

look at the cost of living, especially in the public and private housing, the immigrants' are putting our cost of housing becoming higher and higher, making our life more difficult now.
Lim L
2009-11-09 07:59:45 UTC
For once i am totally disagreed with SM Goh. So many singaporean out of job now. even me.

pls help singaporean first ok.

I thanks you in advance.
2009-11-09 01:34:58 UTC
LOL of cos NOT. Now that is really dumb!!!

The reason why our pay now is so low is due to these cheap immigrants. Let's see... for e.g. the chinaman/girl is willing to work longer hours, for like 50-70% of your pay because when you convert to china yuan, it's approx x5 of that so they are really rich in their own currency!!! (plus china standard of living is low)

Bearing this in mind, note that MOST do NOT intend to live their old age here... most aim to return back to their home country someday so why not suck as much $$$ from here as possible? Thats's nice for them, but meanwhile the market rate for the jobs FALL because of their actions...!!!

Eg, bosses will be thking, why should I employ a fresh poly grad for 1.8k when a chinaman can do it for 1.2k with free OT? Of cos its no guarantee they will do quality work, and that's when the bosses will often sack them and get some poor sucker to clean up the ****, very common in the business world.

Now, folks you must also remember that when these migrant workers return to their country for good, they can withdraw 100% of their CPF. As for us SG people, most of your CPF will be in the MSS, Anuity, retirement account and so on. Now, where's the fairness in this? =)


of cos i have nothing against foreigners if they really intend to settle down in SG and live out their old age here - these people will be the ones asking for fair market rate, and not playing the "cheapest wages win" cards
2009-11-10 18:26:50 UTC
I do agree with Senior Minister Goh and Disagree with many of the writers here.

Firstly, we talk about the employment demand in Singapore, without these foreign immigrants, will Majority of the Singaporeans willing to take up jobs like construction workers? Public and Private Bus Drivers? Health Care Workers? Food and Beverage Outlet Servers? Public Cleaners? And the list goes on and on. Although there are Singaporeans working in the the above sectors I had mentioned, I must say they are not the majority. Without the necessary manpower resource, Singapore will lag behind as we will not be attractive to them as they have no one to hire even if they set up their operations in Singapore, and this will make us lose out in millions of taxes collected from companies. In the end, where these taxes go? This taxes goes back for national development and nation building. Where does your child Edusave comes from? Where does your JC,ITE or polytechnic grant come from? Where does your MCYS funds come from? Where does your Progress Package Funds come from? You guys have no idea how much revenue we would have lost without the help of new immigrants.

Secondly, often we say that when we go to another western country, we Asians are being discriminated to due color. What is happening now in Singapore? Are we starting to discriminate fellow Asians as well? So what are we different from those who had discriminated us in the first place? We should be appreciative of these foreign immigrants, they are the one who keep our corridors and streets clean and tidy, they are the one who drives us to work as the bus captain, they are the one who maybe serving our favorite breakfast at the food stall, they maybe the one cleaning our toilet so that when we use it we can use in comfort. Are we taking all these for granted?

Lastly, I hope we can look at the greater picture of how they can contribute to our economy and be tolerant of the differences in our cultures and theirs just like how the four races in Singapore started out. This is something rare that we don't see in other countries. We should cherish this and continue to spur ahead for a better future.
2009-11-09 15:46:46 UTC
their children are getting all the places in TOP schools
2009-11-12 11:49:44 UTC
my children were send to LOUSY schools
2009-11-10 18:16:39 UTC
To blame or to favour,it`s rather individual.

The government is looking at it in different angle.

To sustain or compensate a birth growth

and to add favours to enrich the people.

Singapore is selectively on the menu

but the contenders feel the threats.

To see the SM `s picture ;

we need a bigger specs.

The actual focus is the real matter.
2009-11-10 18:45:57 UTC
I am quite convinced of Mr. Tong's statement. But sadly, while these people help tremendously in the economy of Singapore, they seem to be exploited in terms of uneven salaries and benefits from those hiring them, even from some people in the government who hire them also. They complain that they are not getting the full benefits promised them. Or are they sour-graping?
2009-11-09 16:09:02 UTC
Of course he is right, for Singapore to be sustainable there has to be growth in the economy and to obtain that there has to be foreign investment. The Oil & Gas Industry for example is bringing in money but unfortunately there are not enough experienced workers in Singapore to sustain the work therefore foreign workers have to be brought in.

If you take a look at Thailand there are moves in place to address the skills gap and as a result many expat workers are being displaced by Thai Nationals. This isn't going to happen overnight and I think that help should be made to allow expats to become Nationals more easily as this will help the transition process, this is another point made by SM Goh.

For all the whingers what would you prefer? That the work that you don't have the skills and experience to do go elsewhere and let the companies and expats take their money out of your economy to some other countries? Or work with the foreign companies to help to "Nationalise" the skillsets required here and ween yourselves off expat dependancy? I am positive that the foreign companies would love to reduce their expat bills :-) so if all the work could be done by locals they would love it too!

So heed the words, stop moaning and make Singapore the place where it is happening. Get the skills and absorb the work into your National workforce. Singapore is a truly beautiful place but if you want to keep it that way you have to work at it!
2009-11-10 14:40:09 UTC
many of my friends mirated already
2009-11-10 00:08:43 UTC
they taking our jobs
2009-11-09 08:43:01 UTC
2009-11-09 07:21:48 UTC
That is correct we have an shrinking population already. We have to bring in foreign talent to help with this. If not there will be an large burden on on working population to support the elderly in years to come. I agree with bringing foreign talent but not so much foreign workers for India. This is because most Singaporeans now call almost EVERY Indian an "Bangala" which i find quite rude. That is very degrading.

So i agree to his speech that new immigrants help sustain and enrich the life of Singaporeans. I mean of course there have to be benefits to the PRs and the new immigrants , If not how to get them to come to Singapore.

0-0 i am only 14 so this is my opinion
2009-11-10 18:40:26 UTC
I strongly agree with Lancaster who is highlighting good points that a lot of Singaporean misunderstood over foreign immigrants
2009-11-09 07:25:24 UTC
i haven been eating cha kway tiao, prawn noodle, fishball noodle, wan tan mee, rojak.......y???? they simply make them taste awful!!!!!
andy c
2009-11-11 05:39:52 UTC
yes more PR will be better cos local people not getting marry early and will face population to shrink
2009-11-10 03:46:20 UTC
they dont do NS
tom lenny
2009-11-09 08:47:51 UTC
I dont know whether to agree or disagree. Before these immigrants arrive, being a second generation singaporean i was already feeling discriminated by my fellow singaporeans. I am not disclosing any race or religion but i believe a group of singaporeans felt the same way as i do in the beginning but when these new arrivals came, the discrimination is slowing diminishing and increasing towards the immigrants. I feel singaporeans whether rich, poor, race, language or religion feel closer to each other due to the fact that they are being second classed. I have been jobless for 3 years and i have been living with a small income given by my foreign tenants. I lost my singaporean wife, singaporean family, singaporean friends and i am all alone. Thanks to God who sent real estate agents to help me find tenants and they are foreigners. Thank God for whatever little or much you contented. God bless all of you. Im happy.
juliana pereira
2009-11-09 08:38:25 UTC
These new immigrants should be of quality and not just quantity. I agree that they should enrich the life of Singaporeans but somehow or rather they just get their 'nose up high' when they stay and live here they forget their humble and simple way. I admire their simplicity towards life and their strong bond among family e.g the filipinos, indians, Vietnam, Myanmar and the Thais. Just make this red dot island the best home for us regardless where we come from.
2009-11-09 02:10:35 UTC
Both my paternal grandparents were from China. They came, to find work, got married & worked very hard. They gave birth to 8 children. Subsequently there are twenty over grandchildren. I am one of the grandchildren.

I think nowadays new immigrants don't give birth that much anymore. But I think the "spirit of hardworking" is very great. I can say we can welcome new immigrants & we learn to live & learn good things from one another.
2009-11-09 22:54:01 UTC
Singaporean are full of jealousy and complaint. Some of you said foreigners have dirty habits. How about singaporean? I have come across many times that public toilets get dirty by the Singaporean. Some of you blame foreigners for getting old folks ended up as cleaners in canteens . That's nothing to do with foreigners. Look carefully who is responsible for this. The answer is "their own children" . They are well educated yet they never take care of the old parents so that old people end up selling tissue and cleaning food court. It's nothing to do with foreingers!!!!!
2009-11-09 01:26:11 UTC
Yes totally agreed with all the top brains of Singapore ! Well done ministers, keep the good works ! I LOVE SG
2009-11-09 00:12:40 UTC
Northin has not been to a typical Singapore construction site and obviously has not been to little India in Serangoon Rd. Plenty of labourers from India and Bangladesh.

There are Indians who are professionals and there are PRC Chinese who are professionals. Likewise, there are many Filipinos who are professionals and there are many Thais who are professionals.
2009-11-09 22:27:32 UTC
2009-11-09 17:42:48 UTC
If you disagree with him the solution is to start having babies.
2009-11-09 09:26:03 UTC
definately, my answre is yes.

I'm a new citozen,too. my whole family are here, we work in Singapore and contribute to Singapore as well.
2009-11-09 00:06:26 UTC
S'porean are never satisfied. They don't win gold medals they complain, they win gold medals, they complain the athletes are foreigners. Then get off your behinds and do something about it! I have not met a single S'porean parent pushing their kids to go play table tennis, or swim, etc.

S'pore as a nation would be extinct without foreigners and PRs. Serving NS for your nation should be a priveledge and honor. If you see it as a handicap, then you are not worthy of a great nation. The suggestion that foreigners serve in your military is a bit ridiculous. Who wants to have the enemy wearing your uniform, armed and financed by your nation to be pointing their weapons at you from behind... DUH!

The French learned that the hard way with a coup attempt by the Foreign Legion. Yes, why don't we give the foreigners we don't like guns and grenades.

... and calling a PR a "foreigner" to their face is not being patriotic, that's just plain idiotic.
2009-11-08 23:27:31 UTC
i think what minister say is right; without foreign talent, singapore will not be able to survive; we need more immigrants especially from india who are more talented compared to immigrants from other countries; in fact, u can see most indians are in the professional lines compared to labourers from china who can't even speak simple english; it's like you are comparing between english educated and uneducated

im third generation singaporean but i got discriminated by my fellow singaporeans for job; until today im still jobless; whenever i look for jobs in the newspaper, the job requires chinese speaking; it's not fair to non-chinese singaporeans; moreover i got exempted from NS but employers don't give me chance to work

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