How may I escape from a country ruled by a gang of thiefs (Romania)?
2006-04-06 11:31:16 UTC
Roulers are changed at every 4 years but ALL are from the former Communist Parti , with the same purpose: to became very rich by stealing governmental money that they must manage.
Four answers:
2006-04-06 11:49:24 UTC
Come to Canada. They have refugee program.
2006-04-06 11:33:07 UTC
Come to America friend!Just go to mexico and then walk across the border into THE USA!
2006-04-06 12:09:28 UTC
Well to escape and migrate the first thing you need is money. So join the Communist party, make your money and run.
2006-04-06 11:37:57 UTC
yes, go to mexico & then just walk across the river

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