Can you believe it, the United States of America's flag upside down BENEATH the Mexican flag?
1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC
Can you believe it, the United States of America's flag upside down BENEATH the Mexican flag?
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2006-04-04 01:34:24 UTC
And to make it even more wrse is the fact these young kids dion't have a concept at all of what illegal immigraion is doing to this country.

My daughter didn't either till she went to work. Now she knows the burdern these illegals are placing on the welfare system and such.

Contrary to popular belief many do have papers and such. A few years ago, a fella disguised as an immigration advocaate got busted right here in my community and guess for what.

PRINTING false documents.

Most illegals are hardworking individuals who would as soon be left alone however more and more are here as part of a massive Mexico drug ring. I see this because I live in the Boise Valley where most of the meth, heroin and illegal dope grows are being run by you guessed it illegals

Back to the original question . Like I said these young ones just think they are aware of the real issues.

Sad very sad...

PS Why attack me? attack my opinion instead eh *w*
2006-04-04 02:36:42 UTC
Originally posted by: bconehead

And to make it even more wrse is the fact these young kids dion't have a concept at all of what illegal immigraion is doing to this country.

My daughter didn't either till she went to work. Now she knows the burdern these illegals are placing on the welfare system and such.


Conehead is a true conehead. What a pack of bull. You dont know what your talking about. Without a Social Security #'s illegals can't file for welfare, if they do, they are deniged and their "fake papers" are took away, they serve time for fraud, and then leave jail in a bus back to their country. Illegals take from you??? LOL The illegals are the ones who make life easier for you!! They do the cotton picking so you can clean your ears out, pick the tomatos for your salad etc. all so they make about 10 bucks a day. Conehead..invest in some of those Q-tips clean out them ears, learn what your talking about before you make yourself look a society with an education, we are "lazy" to the mundane jobs the illegals take, therefore in hindsite we need them more than we realize. Immigration needs drastic reforms, but if you gonna comment at least comment truthfully!

You all seem angry at the hispanics, but did they put the flag up or the school. The school should get in trouble no doubt, how wrong of them to asllow this to happen, but to hate people is just wrong. Hate the actions, but not the person. Some of the comments come from a deep rasist seed. We are in need of immigration laws but get real if you think your going to get rid of all the illegals ratehr mexican or whatever (its not only Mexicans folks) your sadly mistaken. A fence wont work, the only thing that will change this situation is for each of us to realize immigration laws need to cahnge allowing easier access to leagilization.


JD again your misinformed. You should get the facts before throwing out opinions. The question was about the disrespect and disregard for the AMERICAN flag, and yet you all (most of you) find away to blame the "Mexicans". What a shame your parents didnt teach you love instead of hate. Granted, some Mexicans are bad, just like white, black and purple, but you CANT logically and TRUTHFULLY lump them all into one group. We have white murderers, WHITE people on welfare, does this make all of us white folks bad???
2006-04-04 01:05:40 UTC
Not only is it wrong it is illegal.

When the flag is flown upside down it is a distress signal.

The only flag allowed to legally fly above the American Flag is the Chaplain's flag, then only on an American Naval vessel at sea, and then only while services are in progress.

There is a legal code directing how and when the flag can be displayed. I wish every American would read it at least once.
2006-04-04 15:39:22 UTC
I Couldnt Have Said One Word Better Than You Did And I Agree 100 Percent


Love It Or Leave It

This Part Of My Answer Goes To CHASITY(Above)

ILLEGAL ALIENS Of ANY RACE/Nationality Are A Tremendous Burden On The Hardworking , Taxpaying CITIZENS Of Our Nation

They MAY/MIGHT Work.. But Many Do Not And Contribute To The Already High Crime In Our CountryAnd IF They Are CriminallyProsecuted, It Is YOU The TAXPAYER That Supports The Heavily Burdened Judicial System And YOU The TAXPAYER That Supports The Criminal In A Prison

ILLEGAL ALIENS OF ANY RACE/Nationality Also Contribute To The High Cost Of HEALTH CARE Because They Have No INSURANCE And Its YOU The TAXPAYER That Supports The System That Governs The Health And WELFARE That Many ILLEGAL ALIENS Take Advantage Of Through Their(Possibly)Legal COUSINS Who MAY Or May NOT Be Citizens Of The US (ILLEGAL ALIENS Forge Documents Too,NoBody Said These People Are STUPID) But They ARE NOT CITIZENS And WE THE PEOPLE Should NOT Be Made To SUPPORT


ILLEGAL ALIENS Of ANY RACE/Nationality Are A Burden To OUR (AMERICAN)Education System By OVERCROWDING Classrooms,And Making It Virtually Impossible For(Underpaid) Teachers To Give The Neccessary Time And Attention To The Individual Students

There are jobs Americans simply won't do, so that the importation of foreigners is essential. Whether these foreign workers are ILLEGAL ALIENS, guestworkers, or permanent Legal Immigrants is a detail to be worked out by us, the argument goes, but our need for them is unchanged.Even many opponents of the proposed Bush Amnesty assume this to be true, leading them to propose new and improved guestworker programs, with provisions for stricter controls against Permanent Settlement, greater incentives to return, tighter enforcement against Unscrupulous Employers, etc. As well-meaning as such efforts may be, the basic assumption is false —

There is simply no economic reason to import FOREIGN Workers.If the supply of FOREIGN Workers were to dry up (say, through actually ENFORCING the immigration law, for starters), employers would respond to this new, tighter, labor market in two ways.

1: One, they would offer HIGHER Wages, INCREASED Benefits, and Improved Working Conditions, so as to recruit and retain people from the remaining pool of workers.

2:At the same time, the same employers would look for ways to eliminate some of the jobs they now are having trouble filling. The result would be a NEW Equilibrium, with Blue-Collar Workers making somewhat Better Money, but each one of those workers being more productive.

Many people fear the first part of such a response, claiming that prices for fruits and vegetables would skyrocket, fueling inflation..NOT TRUE..Labor accounts for only about ten percent of the retail price of a head of lettuce, so even doubling the wages of pickers would have little noticeable effect on consumers.
Mr. Boof
2006-04-04 02:38:04 UTC
It's just more of the same! Things are gettin' ugly, and I believe it's gonna get worse. People that do this have no respect for our Country, our laws, and our people. Could you imagine the outrage if someone were to burn that Mexican flag? Wow! The same ones that think burnin' The Stars and Stripes is freedom of speech would be crowin' the loudest!
2006-04-04 01:06:56 UTC
Here's one where I totally 100% agree with you,girl. That defacing of the American flag was messed up. The rule is,you can have your flag and display it (because I do with the Panamanian flag) but the American flag always goes on top.
2006-04-04 01:01:14 UTC
What's appalling about this is that it was the principle of the school that did this. I think that Principal should lose their position, (can't be fired because of tenure laws) but that will likely never happen. This is presenting a terrible example to our youth, especially coming from an authority figure.
2006-04-04 11:49:51 UTC
I'd say round up all the mexicans..put a net over them and their flag and drag them across the border. Do all means necessary so they wont be able to come back.
2006-04-04 00:58:21 UTC
No,No,No,No,No. People need to talk with the school officials. That is wrong! I don't understand why no-one has done anything about that yet.

After reading MORAL's answer, I am totally appalled. WTF??(sorry about the language) WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON HERE???!!!!!!
2006-04-04 23:10:43 UTC
So long as men are free to criticize, free to dissent, free to present their own ideas without fear of reprisals--the fight for rational culture has a chance.

If Free speech is not an absolute, its exercise must not offend ultranationalists, xenofobes, or religious beliefs--it is a right, in other words, that we are not free to exercise.

The ideals of reason and individualism on your behalf, and our efforts fundamentally depend on the absolute right to free speech. the actual meaning of free speech must include the freedom to offend; We ought to defend the right on which its livelihood, and our culture's survival, depends.
2006-04-06 08:49:11 UTC
Those are fighting actions in my opinion. The principal needs his noggin re-adjusted, with 2" pipe. That's not what my father, son, spouse, or myself fought for, in serving our country. I am LIVID over the whole thing. I feel as if I have been spit at, and I am ready to rearange someones grill. RESIST! VIVA LA MIGRA! ALL AMERICAN, ALL THE TIME!

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