what is mexico doing about its border?
2006-03-21 18:06:19 UTC
what is mexico doing about its border?
Seven answers:
2006-03-21 19:32:54 UTC
Mexico? Their giving express passes to folks trying to escape north, complete with full-color brochures on how and when to cross illegally into the US.
2006-03-24 04:16:55 UTC
The Mexican Border's responsibility is guarding it's entry of foreigners and making sure they come in legally. The same applies to the U.S.A.'s Border control. The Mexicans cannot deny anyone from leaving the country neither can the US deny citizens who want to travel. Each country is responsible for foreign entry into their countries.
2006-03-22 03:05:27 UTC
Nada that I know's really a shame. Why would they want to? Their poor and trouble makers leave them to come to us, and of course, we're rich so we can afford to take care of them. I strongly disagree with that. We have homeless, no health insurance (yet they can get treated for free) and it is really unfair to us that pay taxes!

I recognize that we utilize our friends in Mexico as a needed AND WANTED force in our labor market. My personal concern is the thousands that illegally cross the United States Borders with no papers.

We arrest them, treat them for critical diseases and FLY them home! This is an outrage! I don't care if ANYONE wants to come here to live, work and fulfill their dreams, what I DO care about is that they do it LEGALLY! Our tax dollars are being wasted with the illegals, and I'm sick of it.

Our country was built on letting everyone in...... Let em in I say, but with proper papers AND enough spoken English to get a job. OUR Country's National Language is English... if you want to move, live and work here, please have enough respect for your new dream to learn our language!
2006-03-22 05:30:12 UTC

I like the Mexican people and understand why they come. I don't blame them. After all, being poor sucks.The Mexican government actually helps them migrate north so that they can send money back home. As long as we allow this to go on the U.S. will not be safe and Mexico will never be able to stand on its own two feet.
2006-03-22 05:49:33 UTC
Why would they do something? No one is sneaking into their Northern border. Some Guatemalans are sneaking through the Southern one though, they have police stationed there and checkpoints.
2006-03-25 02:22:00 UTC
nothing...... they don't want to, beside they are encouraging their people to come to the states, they don't want their own people , so they give them directions for places to go and places to eat...the president of Mexico wants a free border that they can come and go as they please... its up to us to protect our borders before they outnumber us and take it back !
2006-03-22 04:27:23 UTC
Nothing, the "exporting" of American Money is the #2 industry of the Mexican Government.

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